2020 Elections: CNL party concerned over political intolerance upsurge

Térence Manirambona, Spokesperson for CNL party deplores the increase in cases of harassment and political intolerance towards CNL party members during this electoral period. “There is a new phenomenon where CNL party candidates for the elections at different levels as well as the party observers in diverse polling stations are targeted,” he says.

Térence Manirambona: “We will participate in all the electoral process at any cost”.

Manirambona accuses some officials of the ruling party, youths affiliated to the ruling party, officials of the National Intelligence Services and the police. Manirambona also adds that there are targeted attacks and murders. “More than a dozen party members have been killed while another dozen were abducted in different localities,” he says

Manirambona also deplores the destruction of CNL party offices in different localities. “About 100 party offices were destroyed. Unfortunately, some administrative are accomplices”, he says. Térence Manirambona also says there are 200 CNL party members illegally detained. “They were released by the courts but remain in prison for months and months”, he says.

CNL party spokesperson calls on the government to release all illegal detainees and punish the perpetrators according to the law. “CNL party members want to be protected like other members of political parties”, he says adding that CNL party is committed to participating in all the electoral process at any cost.
Iwacu has tried to reach the spokesperson for the Ministry of Home Affairs for reaction but to no avail.