Pamoja Festival for positive message through music

The team in charge of organizing Pamoja Festival says Gospel music is one of the ways which can be used to convey a positive message.

Hugues safari: “The aim of the festival is to promote positive music that can change people’s lives”

Hugues safari: “The aim of the festival is to promote positive music that can change people’s lives”

Hugues Safari, Pamoja Festival communication assistant, says music plays a significant role in Burundians’ lives. “Music is part of life. It is also one way of expressing what one feels. By organizing such a festival, the team wants to make sure people get their message. Pamoja Festival seeks to promote positive music which can change people’s lives.”

Safari says that besides the festival which is held every last Sunday of July each year, gospel artists are also supported in different ways. “There have been training and mentorship sessions for young artists who are later on put in contact with managers who can help them grow financially and/or morally.”

He also says this festival is a good opportunity to display the beauty of the country. “The place where the festival will be held has not been a random choice. For three years, the festival was run at the beach to let people discover the beauty of the country”.

Safari calls on Burundi government to help them with this initiative. “This is a youth led initiative. They have no money. They are only passionate about what they do. The government should support such initiatives because it is a national affair not just that of a group of young men,” he says.
Prince Mshindi, one of the artists who have taken part in the festival and will participate in the upcoming one, appreciates the initiative. “Pamoja festival has helped me get in touch with my fans and opened doors to different opportunities,” he says adding that it allowed him to work together with other artists and help each other.

This youth-led initiative was started in July 2016 by young people from different Christian churches. Their dream is to pass on Pamoja Festival to the next generation.The third edition is scheduled for this Sunday 29 July and will bring together different local and regional artists with traditional dancers as the new input for this edition.