Over 2000 people fled confrontations between army and rebels in Congo

More than 2000 people from South Kivu in DRC crossed the Congolese border to Rumonge commune in Burundi. These people flee armed confrontations between the Congolese army- FARDC and the rebels known as Mayi Mayi Yakutumba.

Refugees cross the border to Rumonge Province by boat

Refugees cross the border to Rumonge Province by boat

Those refugees come from South Kivu province in the territory of Fizi in DRC. The fight began Tuesday night in Sembele locality. Nema and Karamba localities were later attacked and the the Ubwari island was attacked this Thursday afternoon as reported by refugees who were crossing the border. All these localities were occupied by Mayi Mayi rebels before the confrontations broke out.

“The conflict is tense. FARDC uses Air Force to bomb Mayi Mayi positions,” refugees say.
Those refugees arrive tired and in need of water, food and medicine.

Juvénal Bigirimana, the governor of Rumonge province appeals to humanitarians to help because Rumonge province is not able to host such a big number of refugees. “I call on humanitarian institutions to come and assist. The people are in urgent need of assistance and the province is unable to help such a high number,” he says.

Those refugees are composed of Congolese and Burundians who were working as fishermen and farmers in Congo.

Many of them are women and children and have not got any assistance till this Thursday 25 January in the afternoon. Sources on the spot confirm that groups of people continue to arrive on the Burundian territory in boats.