Over 130 certificates awarded by Gitega American Corner

At least 130 certificates have been issued to young and adult people who were trained on computer literacy, entrepreneurship and English by American Corner of Gitega this September 6th.

Participants were issued with certificates upon completion of the training on computer literacy, entrepreneurship and English language

Ceremonies started with traditional dances, song performance, poetry and slams done in Kirundi, French and English languages.

Abbas Mbazumutima who represented Iwacu Press Group in the ceremonies says education and culture are the pillars of the society.

“Gitega American Corner is a space which gives everyone free access to different sources of information like books, internet, etc.,” he says.

He thanks the US Embassy for supporting the American corner project. “We invite young and adult people of Gitega to come to the American Corner to benefit from many services offered by the space,” he adds.

Jean de Dieu Nkurunziza, Director of the Information Resource Center at the US Embassy in Burundi, says Burundian and American cultures are interrelated.

He calls on people to profit from the free services offered by the American Corner. “Such opportunities are rare in our country,” he says adding that knowledge and wisdom go hand in hand.

For him, learning does not stop. He encourages both young and adult people to keep learning.

Graduates appreciate the knowledge they acquired from the American Corner of Gitega. They say it will be beneficial to them and the country.

“I am very glad to have learnt entrepreneurship and English language,” says Ariella Ndayikeza, a young lady who got two certificates, one in English and another in Entrepreneurship.

She says the knowledge she gained from the American corner will help her to be creative and achieve self-development.

Marcel Bangiricenge, a 60 year old man who got a certificate in entrepreneurship says the lessons given by the American Corner of Gitega are very important. “I have learnt how to design a business plan and implement it,” he says.

This father of four calls on people to come to the American Corner to learn about entrepreneurship, computer literacy and different other lessons to develop themselves and the country.

Gérard Kaburahe, another graduate, calls on Burundians to change their mentality. “Age cannot be a limit to studying. Even adult people should keep learning,” he says.

The American Corner of Gitega named after Martin Luther King was inaugurated on December 15, 2014. It was initiated by Iwacu Press Group in partnership with the US Embassy in Burundi.