One of Regideso offices caught fire

Fire broke out in the office of the company in charge of supplying water and electricity-REGIDESO in Bujumbura city in the morning of this August 23rd 2017. The acting director of the company gives a temporary report of damages and says a commission has been set up to investigate into the cause of the fire.

The burnt office of Regideso

The burnt office of Regideso

At around 7:30 a.m., the fire broke out in an office where the data collected from the field are treated. “The civil protection police intervened but several things were already damaged: 18 computers and their accessories, our survey data as well as other materials used in the office such as a printer, tables, and an air-conditioner. We left the office safe yesterday. A commission to identify the cause of the fire and give the final report of the damages has been set up”, says Désiré Nsengiyumva, Regideso acting manager.

He says the office was ravaged and demands their customers to go to other shops in different quarters for urgent services. “For those who need to buy electricity, they can go to shops located in Kamenge and Kanyosha neighbourhoods. Our partner “Payway” will also help. For those who want to pay water bills, we ask them to be patient.We are trying to get things repaired quickly; probably we will resume activities tomorrow”.

Desiré Nsengiyumva sympathises with the family of one of REGIDESO employees who died in a car accident while driving fast to the office. “She was the chief of the service which caught fire. As a chief she wanted to come quickly to save some things but she unfortunately died in the car crash. We are saddened by her death”, he says.