OBR to impose sanctions on delaying rental taxpayers

04-03-2020 Joseph Ndayizeye, Head of the department of rental income tax management at Burundi Revenue Authority- OBR says his institution has collected BIF over BIF 6,7 billion in the first quarter of 2020 fiscal year. “We have just received the declarations of 6039 people from January to March 31,” says (...)

Burundi government to finance itself from 2018

09-25-2017 Finance Minister, Domitien Ndihokubwayo recently announced that the government is to be self-financing from 2018. He said that during the meeting that the staff of the ministry and the heads of departments in charge of collecting the financial revenues of the state held last week in Ngozi province. They (...)

OBR determined to expand tax collection

03-07-2017 Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs has organized this 7 March, a closing sensitization campaign on tax collection. Decentralization and tax reduction were the main concerns of taxpayers. “We don’t know how the rent tax will be levied in addition to different taxes (...)

Burundi Revenue Authority more determined than ever to collect more revenues

01-12-2017 Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) aims to collect an estimated BIF 720, 2 billion in 2017. Some factors have been taken into account to predict its success. The rental tax that will be collected by OBR (60% will be paid into communal treasury while 40% will be paid into public (...)

Police uncover migration fraud that swindled victims out of millions

12-07-2016 The police have discovered a serious migration scam that had been defrauding victims of large sums of money in Bujumbura from 2013. A serious migration scam by a fake organisation promising people visas to Australia has been discovered by the police after an alert by victims who came to (...)

Government suspends trade at Burundi-Rwanda border point

10-14-2016 All trade at the Kanyaru-Bas border point in northern Ngozi Province has been suspended since the government closed the customs office at the crossing on 11 October. The government says it closed the customs office at Kanyaru-Bas due to low levels of traffic since July, when they imposed a (...)

OBR apprehends powder milk in toothpaste boxes

11-06-2014 About 350 boxes of Nido powder milk were caught yesterday morning by the Burundi Revenue Authority in boxes marked ‘toothpaste’.-By Diane Uwimana According to Frederic Manirambona, Commissioner of Customs and Excises in the OBR, the fraud was detected when OBR agents were controlling imported goods piece by piece. “The (...)

OBR: “Building capacity should help to raise awareness taxpayers”

11-03-2014 The Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) organized a two day training for media organisations to explain about the importance of paying tax. It is believed that increasing the capacity to understand the tax-paying system, will lead to increased awareness on the side of taxpayers. “It is unbelievable that there are (...)

OBR eager to fight fraudulent goods

10-20-2014 The Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) is called to deal with cases of fraud that hinder the mobilization of resources required for financing the State Budget. Informers are used to help detect tax evasion.-By Diane Uwimana “One of the barriers for achieving our key objective is non-compliance with customs and (...)

Quality Control at border posts

10-14-2014 Since July 2014, quality control agents from the Burundi Bureau of Standards and Quality Control are stationed at border posts to verify the quality of imported goods that are not harmful to human beings.–By Diane Uwimana The quality control agents are installed at Kobero border post (between Burundi and (...)