“No more wings in Uprona”, said Gashatsi

Reacting to the declaration of Abel Gashatsi that Uprona is now unified, Tatien Sibomana says Gashatsi works with the ruling party. He also said Uprona has never been divided.

"The wing of Gashatsi is not independent and has no line to follow" says Tatien Sibomana

“The wing of Gashatsi is not independent and has no line to follow” says Tatien Sibomana

On the 11, June, when he was in Muramvya, Abel Gashatsi, Head of Uprona wing known by the government, said Uprona is no longer divided; Amizero y’Abarundi Coalition does no longer exist. He said that they were getting new members from Amizero y’Abarundi coalition that day.

Tatien Sibomana of Amizero y’Abarundi says the declaration is not meaningful. He says “Uprona has never been divided. The wing of Gashatsi is just an invention of the ruling party”. For him, Gashatsi speaks for the government and not for Uprona party.

About members who were received that day, Tatien said there was none from Amizero y’Abarundi.” It is Abel’s strategy to convince people that what he says is true. Some come from the ruling party and others are innocent people that Abel manipulated. None can leave Amizero y’Abarundi to join Gashatsi ‘s wing”. Furthermore, he says Abel could not name any member of Amizero y’Abarundi who had joined his wing.

Tatien Sibomana says the current legal organs led by Gashatsi were officially set up in 2012 in the congress that took place in Gitega. Tatien says the wing of Gashatsi is not independent and has no line to follow; it supports all government’s positions.

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