Sugar price climbs, consumers association demands government to tell reasons

01-29-2020 The price of sugar has increased for more than three weeks in Bujumbura city. Consumers and sellers wonder about the causes. The Burundian Consumers’ Association calls on the government to communicate the causes of the rise in sugar price and fix the price to avoid speculation. The price of (...)

When former Bujumbura Central Market to be operational? People wonder

01-28-2020 Seven years after the Bujumbura Central Market burned down; many Burundians wonder why the place that housed that former commercial establishment remains unexploited. They regret that it is a huge loss for the country not to exploit that large space located in the center of the capital. The main (...)

Burundian Bar yet to achieve independence

01-22-2020 “The violation of lawyers’ independence is one of the challenges Bujumbura Bar is faced with,” said Jean de Dieu Muhuzenge, President of Bujumbura Bar at a press conference held on 21 January on the occasion of the celebration of the 70th anniversary since Bujumbura Bar was created. He gave (...)

Export of Brarudi products resumes in Rumonge port

01-17-2020 After six months of suspension of the export of drinks produced by the Burundian Brewing Company (Brarudi) to DRC, it has resumed in Rumonge port. Burundian and Congolese traders are satisfied but local consumers complain about the scarcity and increase in cost of some drinks. Trucks of Brarudi Company (...)

Bujumbura faces serious shortage of Brarudi beverages

01-08-2020 Owners of bars in Bujumbura city have a serious problem. “We are really faced with a great problem of getting Brarudi beverages,” says a barman met in Kinama neighborhood in the north of Bujumbura city. He also says that he sometimes crosses over other neighborhoods to get those beverages. (...)

Victims of WhatsApp joke

01-06-2020 The public prosecutor has demanded that the 4 journalists of Iwacu newspaper and their driver be sentenced to fifteen years in prison over a WhatsApp joke. There are also other penalties. The office of the Director of public prosecutions only based upon a message from Agnès Ndirubusa to incriminate (...)

Rise in food price seriously affects families in Gitega

12-21-2019 Food price has drastically increased these days in Gitega central market and shops. Consumers deplore speculation. When one arrives at the central market of Gitega province chief town in central Burundi, stands and stalls are full of products. Standing in front of the business owner, Claudine came to get (...)

Bar owners ask Bujumbura Mayor to increase opening hours

12-20-2019 Freddy Mbinimpa, Mayor of Bujumbura, took, on 22 December, a series of measures including fixing the opening and closing hours of bars. Bars must open after 5 p.m. and close before 9 p.m., on weekdays while they open after 1 p.m. to close before 9 p.m. on weekends. At (...)

Drivers association denounces increase in price of transport documents

12-18-2019 The Association of Drivers in Burundi (ATRABU) requests the revision of the measure taken to increase the price of vehicle technical inspection service and transport permit in force since 9 December. The cost of technical inspection service increased from BIF20, 000 to 57,000 while the transport permit increased from (...)

Burundi industry is struggling, industrialists say

12-04-2019 The Association of Burundi Industrialists (AIB) reveals that this sector confronts financial and technical problems. “Burundi industry faces the lack of energy, foreign currencies and reliable and developed infrastructure,” said Olivier Suguru, chairman of the Association of Burundi Industrialists. It was in an exchange workshop organized by AIB along (...)