National Electoral Commission satisfied with ongoing registration process

56% of predictable voters have already registered for the upcoming constitutional referendum and 2020 elections. This was said by the chairman of the National Independent Electoral Commission-CENI in a press conference held this Tuesday 13 February. He says the commission is satisfied with the results of the ongoing registration.

Pierre Claver Ndayicariye “Voters’ registration is running smoothly and will end with the set deadline”

Pierre Claver Ndayicariye “Voters’ registration is running smoothly and will end with the set deadline”

“Among 4,452,679 voters predicted by the national commission, 2,505,829 voters had already registered this Monday February 12. This means that in five out of ten given days, 56% of all voters have already registered,” says Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, chairman of CENI.

He says the numbers per province show where people’s sensitization has been a success. “In our commission, we value more numbers. Given the numbers in different provinces, we can see that some provinces have massively sensitized the population to the registration more than others. We call on local authorities to keep on sensitizing them.”

Ndayicariye reminds that people register where they work or were born and that they will vote in the place where they have registered.

He reassures people who fear to register because they think they might not be where they have registered during the election period. “The commission will give updates according to the situation.

There are two systems used; transfer and removal. This will be decided by the commission regarding circumstances,” he says.

The chairman of the national electoral commission appreciates the way the registration is being conducted and appeals to all Burundians to register before the set time. “The commission won’t give additional time. It would be better if Burundians got used to working to the deadline.”

The ongoing voters’ registration is meant for both the constitutional referendum which is scheduled for May 2018 and the 2020 elections. It will end on Saturday February 18 at 5:30PM, local time.