“Light on Ntega-Marangara mass murder can be lesson for future generations”

Burundi has a number of black days, among them, August 15th 1988, a memorable date for many Burundians. More than 25 thousand people were killed in Ntega-Marangara mass slaughter. 29years after the massacre, victims and associations still demand truth and justice.

 Aloys Barutwanayo: “We need to know what happened in the past to avoid it in the future”

Aloys Barutwanayo: “We need to know what happened in the past to avoid it in the future”

Between 25 and 50 thousand people were killed. According to some investigations by the local Association for the memory and protection of humanity against International crimes AMEPCI- Gira Ubuntu, the massacre was sparked by a fight in a bar and was extended in Ntega and Marangara communes of northern Kirundo and Ngozi provinces respectively; due to some tracts that there was a planned ethnic fight.

Aloys Batungwanayo, Chairperson of AMEPCI-Gira Ubuntu, appeals to the government and the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) to shed light on the massacre. He says the government should take advantage of the existence of some authorities of the time, victims and other eyewitnesses who would say something about what happened “The massacre happened almost one year after the accession to the power by President Buyoya. Some authorities of the time are still alive, survivors of the crime as well as security forces can be a great resource”, said Aloys Batungwanayo.

Aloys Batungwanayo,says the light on the massacres of Ntega- Marangara can be a good lesson for the next generation. “We need to know what happened so that we should prevent it from ever happening again.”

As for Jules Remezo, member of ADEN, an association for economic development of Ntega commune in Kirundo Northern Province, they have a feeling of disappointment and incomprehension given the way things are delaying: “It’s been 29 years now since the killings occurred and today’s generation is still asking about what happened. No light on the massacre has so far been thrown.”

Jules Remezo demands the TRC to accomplish its mission so that all Burundians know the truth about the tragic history of their country. “The TRC is doing its job but it has to redouble its efforts to satisfy all. All I can say is that there is still a long way to go.”

Ntega-Marangara massacre is one of the memorable mass slaughters that were committed in history of Burundi on the basis of ethnic conflict.