Japan grants one million dollar to support vulnerable people in Kirundo province

The Japanese government has granted one million dollar to World Food Program in Burundi to assist 17 thousand vulnerable households in Kirundo province in the north of the country.

Symbolic project handover between WFP, the Burundian and Japanese governments

Virginia Villar Arribas, Country Representative of World Food Program says the support is intended for the project that aims at fighting malnutrition of under-five children and pregnant and lactating women in the province.

The project will be extended to 11 months. “The Japanese support will allow us to help vulnerable people invest in nutrition and the future as well,” she says. According to the Demographic and Health Survey, the chronic malnutrition rate is 63% in Kirundo province where under-five children as well as pregnant and lactating women are the most affected.

Jean Baptiste Nzorironkankuze, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Public Health says it is a continuation of a suspended project for the support of vulnerable people. “They will receive fortified food on the basis of the number of beneficiaries who have been identified,” he says.

Mr. Miyashita Takayuki, Japanese Ambassador to Burundi says the Burundian government has acknowledged the challenge and agreed to work efficiently with WFP. “We are very happy to work with the government as it is very committed to achieving tangible results,” he says adding that the money will be spent in the assistance of vulnerable people who need immediate support in their everyday life.

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