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Jacques Nshimirimana: ORA Child Protection Award Recipient

Jacques Nshimirimana awarded by ORA Kinderhilfe International for his commitment to defending Burundian children’s rights.

Jacques Nshimirimana awarded by ORA Kinderhilfe International for his commitment to defending Burundian children’s rights.

German organizations of children’s rights assembled in ORA Kinderhilfe International coalition designated Jacques Nshimirimana, the chairman of the Federation of the associations defending the children rights-Fenadeb as the winner of the “ORA Child Protection Award” for his strong commitment to the rights of Burundian children.

Floreck Matthias, the chairman of the Kinderhilfe coalition ORA International says Nshimirimana has decided since 2000 to devote his life to children’s rights and currently has a strong experience in this field. “The price of ORA Child Protection Award”, estimated at 20, 000 Euros, honors individuals who have dedicated their lives to the defense of children at risk or the most oppressed and vulnerable children in the world, “said Matthias Floreck.

His advocacy for children trafficked to the Gulf States, child victims of parental abductions, child victims of political manipulation, minors in conflict with the law, the neediest families empowerment programs for better management community children, the promotion of human values in children (peace and tolerance) and the care of teenage mothers at risk, are the most and major duties done by the chairman of the Fenadeb in the past two years, according to Floreck.

Jacques Nshimirimana says the award is the recognition to all defenders of children’s rights in Burundi, particularly during the troubles besetting in Burundi since April 2015. “We have demonstrated professionalism, love and exceptional courage to protect children who were in trouble. We gave ourselves as a leitmotiv, the defense of all children, future leaders of our country. We promise to continue to convince Burundian citizens and officials of the paramount importance of investing in children”, he says.

For him, the current Burundi situation is moving as it substantially affects children. “I think politicians from all sides should remember that they are first parents before being politicians and this will allow them to think about the future of their children and thus, avoid making short -term visions in the management of the current crisis”, he says.

The Fenadeb chairman’s most recent activity was his pleading for the release of pupils who were imprisoned following the accusation of having scribbled on the photo of Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza in school textbooks a few months ago.

The award ceremony is being held in Berlin, Germany at the coalition headquarters this 18 October.