Imbonerakure accuse former president of insulting them

On July 22, the imbonerakure, members of the youth wing of the ruling party CNDD-FDD in Bujumbura City Council, gave a warning to the former Burundian President, Domitien Ndayizeye. They accuse him of insulting them. They say he has no moral lesson to teach them.

Imbonerakure youth affiliated to the ruling party CNDD-FDD held a mass rally on Saturday 22 July

Imbonerakure youth affiliated to the ruling party CNDD-FDD held a mass rally on Saturday 22 Julydimitien

“Although he insulted us, he is our grandfather. He considers us as morons, he is completely mistaken, “said Sylvestre Ndayizeye, the coordinator of leagues affiliated to CNDD-FDD ruling party. It was on 22 July during a political rally referred to as “show of strength” by youth members of the ruling CNDD-FDD party. An event which was announced several weeks ago.

The imbonerakure, literally meaning “those who see from afar” in Kirundi language, is the ruling party’s youth wing, which is loyal to President Pierre Nkurunziza, who has been in power since 2005. Many human rights reports accuse them of being involved in crimes committed in Burundi. Burundian human rights activists in exile accuse them of assassinating opponents and members of civil society organizations.

The coordinator of the leagues affiliated to the ruling party accuses the former President, Domitien Ndayizeye of having participated in the abortive coup of 2015. “He is a member of the platform of political opponents in exile CNARED, who attempted to overthrow Burundi institutions. We warn him even though he is our grandfather. Enough is enough. If he continues to insult us, we will deal with him accordingly so he will respect us,” said Sylvestre Ndayizeye.

He accuses the former president of being manipulated by Belgians. “If he is working for Belgium, may he do it alone. We are and will always remain Burundians,” he said. “We call on all those who have supported those who attempted to overthrow Burundi government and have fled the country and are being fed by Rwandan President Paul Kagame, no to try to cross Burundi borders. We will fight them fiercely,” said Ndayizeye.

The coordinator of the leagues affiliated to CNDD-FDD party, recalls the former president Ndayizeye that the imbonerakure fought for the country. “Those who think that we are afraid of human beings like us are mistaken,” he said. For him, President Ndayizeye has no lessons to teach to the youth of CNDD-FDD party.

President Domitien Ndayizeye says he deplores the hateful speeches delivered by some Burundian officials often inciting the population to protest against Rwandan president.

For President Ndayizeye, in a democratic country everyone has the right to give pieces of advice to anyone and it is the latter’s right to take or reject them. “I have advised the youth of the party in power as I do to other youths affiliated to other political parties. The imbonerakure cannot intimidate me, “he said.