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HRC urged Burundi to reinforce Human Rights principles

In its 29th session of the Universal Periodic Review(UPR) of the Human Rights Council (HRC) held in Geneva this 18 January, Burundi has been examined. Minister of Human Rights, Martin Nivyabandi has presented the report related to the current situation. “Things have improved and the President has promulgated different texts protecting Burundians, victims of gender based violence…” says the Minister.

The Universal Periodic Review of the HRC held from 15 to 26 January in Geneva.

The Universal Periodic Review of the HRC held from 15 to 26 January in Geneva.

He also says the government has set up different commissions including the National Commission of Unity and Reconciliation and the National Observatory for the prevention and eradication of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Spain delegation requests Burundi government to strengthen and support the independence and the work of the National Independent Human Rights Commission and that of the judicial system by providing them with necessary resources to do their work.

The same view was shared by the South African delegation. It appeals to Burundi government to provide the National Human Rights Commission with the necessary resources to ensure that it is fully operational and effective.

For the Slovakian delegation, Burundi government must reinforce human rights principles by giving some training to the law enforcement personnel and to members of security forces and to hold duly accountable all those people responsible for extrajudicial killings and other excessive use of force.

On behalf of the UK, the delegation welcomes Burundi’s participation at the UPR and hopes that this will be the start of the country’s willingness to cooperate with other regional and international human rights mechanisms. The UK delegation recommends the establishment of a national preventative mechanism regarding torture, ensuring investigation and prosecution in cases of extra-judicial killing and torture to hold the perpetrators to account including state agents.

Paraguay appeals to Burundi government to continue cooperation with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to develop public policies and initiatives to ensure the promotion and protection of human rights.