Garbage dump temporarily set up in Gisyo area

The officially known dump of Mubone in Buterere Zone in the north of Bujumbura has not been operational since the past few weeks. The office of Bujumbura Mayor has temporarily set up a new garbage dump in Gisyo area of Kanyosha zone in the south of Bujumbura while waiting for the rehabilitation of the former.

Mubone dump is saturated with wastes

Mubone dump is saturated with wastes

“The Mubone dump is currently saturated. The machines that should push solid waste into Waste Treatment Center have broken down. Even the street that goes to the dump is now impassable. It has been blocked by solid waste, “said Freddy Mbonimpa, Mayor of Bujumbura, on February 2nd 2018, during a visit to Mubone dump with officials from the Ministry of the Environment. He added that the cooperative that won the market to dispose of waste in Bujumbura throw them outside the dump.

He said the office of Bujumbura Mayor in collaboration with the Municipal Technical Service (SETEMU) will rehabilitate this dump. “In the meantime, the companies responsible for removing wastes in Bujumbura will throw the latter into the temporary dump of Gisyo,” said Mbonimpa .

Over the past few day, residents of the capital have been complaining that the waste was no longer removed from their houses.