Dialogue should be held in the country, claims Burundian Senator

On 21 February 2017, Evelyne Butoyi, Burundian Senator, wrote an open letter to William Benjamin Mkapa, facilitator in the Burundi crisis, to express her view about the dialogue session recently held in Arusha.

Participants in the fourth round of the inter-Burundian dialogue in Arusha.

Participants in the fourth round of the inter-Burundian dialogue in Arusha.

“It is an open letter that contains my personal view of the inter-Burundian dialogue process, as I am guided with a transparency spirit “, says Senator Evelyne Butoyi.

She said she wanted to draw attention to some of the points emerging from the Inter-Burundian dialogue session recently held in Arusha.

Senator Butoyi evoked, among them, the invitation of prosecuted politicians by the facilitator. “You invited people who have been identified as the cause of disruption of public order in Burundi during the 2015 electoral process”, she said.

“You mentioned in some ways the possibility of granting them provisional immunity and a certain opinion is beginning to talk about a possible transitional government”, wrote Butoyi to the facilitator. “However, your statement of December 2016 was clear. You said you would not invite outlaws”, Butoyi added.

The senator calls for the bringing home of the inter-Burundian dialogue:” The dialogue should be brought back home in order to complete the internal process of the National Commission for the Inter-Burundian Dialogue-CNDI”. “Only prosecuted people do not want to come to Burundi”, she said.

The recent session of the dialogue took place in Arusha from 16 to 19 February.A few days prior to the start of the dialogue, the Burundian government said the facilitation had invited people from illegal political parties. It decided not to send a delegation to Arusha to attend the inter-Burundian dialogue session.