Congolese people arrested in Kibenga locality of Bujumbura city

The Ministry of Security and Catastrophe Management says it has arrested at least 20 Congolese people living in Burundi illegally since this Sunday, September 29th, in Kibenga locality of Muha commune in the south of Bujumbura city.

Pierre Nkurikiye calls on foreign people to stay in Burundi legally

Pierre Nkurikiye, Spokesman for the Ministry of Security says the police are conducting their routine activities to identify and expel foreign people living illegally in Burundi.

“This activity must continue until no illegal foreign person will be identified in Burundi,” he says adding that many Burundians living abroad illegally have also been sent back to Burundi.
He says the arrested people are not only Congolese but also other foreigners. “90% of foreign people living in Burundi are from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the reason why many of the arrested people are Congolese,” he adds.

Mr. Nkurikiye says after arresting them, the police check if they have the required documents. “Those who do not have them are immediately expelled to their countries of origin,” he adds.
He reassures foreign people living in Burundi legally that they are not targeted and should continue their activities as usual.

The Ministry of Security Spokesman calls on foreign people living in Burundi to look for the required documents so they stay in the country legally.

“They came early in the morning and asked us to show the visa of residence. Many of Congolese people who live in this area do not have it,” says one Congolese, resident of Kibenga locality whose neighbors have been arrested.

He deplores the way the police arrested his compatriots. “They have beaten our people as they were embarking them in the police trucks,” he says adding that small children have also been arrested with their parents.

He calls on the police to respect the rights of foreign people living in Burundi. “We also have the rights to respect and dignity as they should be guaranteed to every person,” he says.

Another Congolese who lives in the same locality says over 50 have been arrested in the morning of this September 30th. He adds that the police have arrested at the same time men, women and children.

He says that after being arrested, they were taken to the police Special Bureau of Investigation-BSR.
At a press conference held on September 23rd, the Ministry of Security said a passport and visa of study or residence are required for every foreign person to stay or study in Burundi.