CNL party worried about possible attacks on its leaders

The secretary general of National Congress for Liberty (CNL), an opposition party, says there would be a plan to eliminate leaders of the CNL. He accuses some officials of the ruling CNDD-FDD party and some administrative officials of being behind that plan.

Simon Bizimungu: “CNL party members are subjected to harassment,
fabrication, acts of intimidation, physical and verbal violence and arbitrary

“CNL party has obtained information about a likely plan to systematically eliminate and imprison CNL party leaders, starting with the top leader,” said Simon Bizimungu, Secretary General of CNL party at a press conference held this Thursday on November 7.

Given the increase in fabrications and mass arbitrary arrests and imprisonment of CNL party members, this proves that there would be a plan in execution against the party leaders and members.

Simon Bizimungu explains that this results in the counterfeit and use of the party badges, possible manufacture and distribution of T-shirts and caps bearing the photo of Agathon Rwasa, the national leader of CNL party as well as the police and military uniforms and possibly weapons in order to accuse CNL party leaders and members of committing crimes.

CNL party secretary general also denounces the creation of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook accounts with the name of the chairman of CNL and party insignia. These communication channels deliver inflammatory remarks in order to disorientate CNL party supporters.

CNDD-FDD party officials and administrative authorities are accused

“CNL party and its members are subjected to harassment, fabrications, acts of intimidation, physical and verbal violence and arbitrary imprisonment. In short, this is a kind of manhunt, “says the Secretary General of CNL party.

Mr Bizimungu says acts of violence are committed by some leaders of the ruling party CNDD-FDD and its allies, some administrative authorities affiliated to the ruling party and some members of the ruling party youth wing.
CNL party calls on the government to release all political prisoners who are arbitrarily detained, establish a mechanism for the verification of facts by joint security committee.

It also demands national and international community to closely follow the evolution of the political and security situation prevailing in Burundi in the run-up to the 2020 elections.