CNL party members call for end of persecution

After the official launch of the activities of CNL party, members call for the end of harassment and compliance with the law.

CNL members during the opening of the national office in Bujumbura

Agathon Rwasa, president of CNL party, says his party is now in compliance with the law. “We cannot continue to work in fear. We will be protected by the law and will work to ensure that the law is respected,” he says adding that, in a society where there is diversity, the law works to protect everybody.

He says it when 17 members of this new political party were arrested in Bukemba in Rutana province this Sunday 10 March. They intended to participate in the opening ceremonies of the national headquarters of this party. They were later released this Monday 11.

Some members of this party say they hope there will be a positive change especially about the various kinds of aggression and harassment of which they are victims. M.H, CNL member says he hopes the mistreatment they have undergone is over. “If the government has allowed this day to take place, I hope there will be changes and various kinds of harassment are going to stop”.

Another member of CNL party says this “We have just spent 10 years being subjected to different kinds of aggression. God has answered our prayers! No one can go against his will. We will live together despite our diversity”.

The official opening ceremonies of the national permanence of CNL party was refused on 3 March 2019 by the Mayor of Bujumbura city mentioning security reasons.