CNL party denounces acts of political intolerance towards its members

The National Congress for Freedom (CNL), an opposition party says to be worried about increasing political intolerance towards its members. It accuses members of the ruling CNDD-FDD youth wing, administrative and security authorities of persecuting them.

“CNL party meets with resistance from some administrative and security authorities with a political intolerance spirit displayed by their acts of disrupting CNL political activities,” Térence Manirambona, CNL spokesman told journalist. It was at a press conference held this August 21st.
He accuses members of the ruling CNDD-FDD youth wing and their representatives, administrative and security authorities of committing abuses against members of CNL party.

Mr Manirambona is concerned that acts of political intolerance are increasing in this pre-election period. He cites namely the suspension of CNL’s political activities for no valid reason, categorical refusal to open CNL offices especially in Rumonge, Bujumbura, Bujumbura City, Cibitoke, Ngozi, Rutana and Muyinga provinces.

He also denounces cases of burning and demolition of CNL party offices.
“Over 20 CNL offices have so far been vandalized,” he says.

CNL Executive secretary also talks about targeted intimidation and attacks against CNL members. He refers to the attack perpetrated against members of CNL party on their way back home from ceremonies of opening a provincial office in Muyinga province in the night of August 18. This attack caused one death and eight wounded.

“We deplore this unprecedented situation since our members had asked that the administrative and security authorities ensure their security in vain,” says Manirambona.
He condemns the spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security for protecting and encouraging the perpetrators of the abuses committed against CNL members.

At a press conference held on 20 August, Pierre Nkurikiye, spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security said that police investigations revealed that cases of political intolerance reported in the country are provoked by CNL members.