CNL Chairman denounces political intolerance

Agathon Rwasa, CNL party chairman has said four CNL party members have been killed in a month in Ngozi province. “They have been killed by youths affiliated to the ruling party”, he said adding that the situation is calm as if anything hasn’t happened. He said it during the opening ceremony of a party office in Gitobe commune of Kirundo province, this December 1st. He also said members of CNL party in Kiremba, Gashikanwa and Nyamurenza communes in Ngozi province have been sentenced for holding clubs whereas the latter were possessed by the Imbonerakure.

Agathon Rwasa: “Administrative officials should react to these kinds of mistreatment”.

Agathon Rwasa said he is concerned over the persecution perpetrated against his party members. “No one is allowed to torture another person. There are some CNL party members who are persecuted due to their absence in a meeting. Administrative officials should react to these kinds of mistreatment,” he said wondering which sanctions are reserved to this kind of offenses.

CNL party Chairman has called on administrative officials to intervene in respect of the law. “Everybody is allowed to adhere to any political party. How should we live in disagreement while we all share public places?” he wondered.

In an exclusive interview with Iwacu, Gaston Sindimwo, First Deputy President said there is an improvement despite some challenges reported in different areas. He mentioned some local administrative officials who have overzealously violated laws and disobeyed the government orders. “We try to correct them. Little by little, things will change”, he said.

He also said people like to keep their seats in politics. “Those who want to stay in power persecute others while those who want to come to power use force,” he said. For him, both should look for their interests in a peaceful way. “We don’t like to see Burundians get into trouble,” he said adding that all members of political parties would also participate in the joint security committees to improve security.