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CNIDH re-accredited with B status

The accreditation subcommittee -SCA, recommended re-accreditation of the Independent National Commission on human rights in Burundi- CNIDH, with B status. The accreditation status will be considered after one year as states law 18.1 of the statutes of Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions- GANHRI.

Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza:"What we know is that we still have A status"

Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza:”What we know is that we still have A status”

SCA said it planned the re- accreditation in May 2016, but, considering the current political situation in Burundi, it realized that CNIDH was working in difficult conditions and decided to postpone the re-accreditation.

SCA accuses CNIDH of publishing reports which minimize flagrant violations of human rights and of giving false figures.” The 2015 report shows 27 cases of torture and ill-treatment instead of 250 as documented by the United Nations High Commission of Human Rights- HCDH, between April 2015 and April 2016.”

SCA also accuses CNIDH of taking a non-independent position: « CNIDH has not taken a position to promote the protection of human rights in response to credible allegations of gross violations of human rights by Burundi authorities.”

SCA said CNIDH does not apply Paris principles in its manner of working. It also said CNIDH denied allegations of the civil society and results from independent investigations.

Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza, CNIDH Chairman said on 8 February 2017, that he is not yet aware of the re-accreditation decision. “What we know is that we still have A status in international human rights organisations. CNIDH continues to do its best to help people solve human rights related problems”, said Baribonekeza.

In compliance with GANHRI statutes, the SCA gives CNIDH possibility to provide, within one year, clear evidence to confirm its respects towards the Paris Principles.