CNARED New Executive Board for negotiated solution to Burundi crisis

The National Council for the Arusha Agreement Respect and Rule of Law-CNARED, an opposition platform in exile, has just elected new members to the executive board in Belgium, this 28 November.

The new CNARED Executive Board will be chaired by Jean Minani

The new CNARED Executive Board will be chaired by Jean Minani

The newly elected CNARED executive board says it plans to continue with its struggle for a negotiated solution to Burundi crisis. “We will enter into real negotiation with the government contrary to what is happening in Arusha in the 4th round of talks, which is a real joke”, says Pancrace Cimpaye, CNARED spokesperson.

He says the opposition platform is committed to the respect for the Arusha Agreement, Constitution and rule of law in Burundi. “We are convinced that the new executive board will succeed in handling the issue through the dialogue. Burundians need to get out of the current situation”, he says.

Pancrace Cimpaye asks the regional community, the African Union and the United Nations to contribute more significantly to the resolution of the crisis given that President Pierre Nkurunziza has already announced he would run forever, what would worsen the already bad situation. “This would be a serious and complicated issue not only for Burundi but also for the whole region,” he says.

The platform’s spokesperson says CNARED is fighting for a return of the State of law, the respect for the Constitution and the Arusha Agreement, poverty eradication. “Besides, there must be an end to extra-judicial executions, unjust imprisonment in Burundi, etc.”

The new executive board includes Jean Minani elected as CNARED chairman, Aline Ndenzako and Pamphile Muderega as first and second vice presidents respectively, Anicet Niyonkuru as executive secretary and Pancrace Cimpaye as spokesperson for the platform.

The first CNARED board was elected on 25 February 2016 with a term limit of nine months after a tense atmosphere between the government and the opposition when President Pierre Nkurunziza announced he would run for a third term of office on 26 April 2015.

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  1. Kingston Kanyeshamba Nahinkuye

    Well, he sounds so confident with his new position. It is Unfortunately that he didn’t explain clearly what strategies he is gonna use to fulfill his promises to the public. 9months duration of his tenure is too short, given the kind uncertainties that are ahead of him in trying to regain credibility to the public, because a lot of people have feelings that CNARED is not real an opposition party that can challenge the supremacy of president Pierre Nkurunziza’s government. Their ability to confront aggressively their counterpart seems to unmatched. How they started everything and where they are now is just a joke of the. Because you have this kind of organization that claims to be opposing the government hiding in the cave, loosing some of its members to the same government which they are opposing at the same time coming up with huge promises to public that they gain victory on the battlefield.That is why one will fail to understand whether they really mean what they say. At one time they will go crazy to promise that they will never attend negotiations presided over by Mukapa, just before the ink dries on the letter they write to him, the next day they will state that they are ready to negotiate. What a heck are these kind of bogus politicians? A man is judge by he utters in his mouth. They got review and reorganize themselves first, because their initial strategic plan was a complete failure.

  2. Nzoni

    CNARED is a European Organization. In Burundi we don’t want that kind of foreign organizations which want negociations but not democratic elections. CNARED must know that burundian population is not now stupid. UN, EU,EAC, must know that burundian want Democratic elections not negociations. Burundian will never accept CNARED by force.