CENI invites CSOs to apply for monitoring 2020 elections

In an announcement made this July 23 during a meeting with representatives of CSOs and religious denominations, the Independent National Electoral Commission-CENI has given 10 days to civil society organizations and religious denomination wishing to contribute to the holding of 2020 elections to apply.

Applications will be submitted from Wednesday, July 24 to August 02, 2019.
Interested organizations will provide civic and election education and monitor the elections.
The organizations and religious denominations must fill out an application form on which each must mention its sources of internal or external funding and indicate its areas of intervention.
A representative of one civil society organization has asked the CENI to extend the application deadline to allow several organizations to apply.

Pierre Claver Kazihise, chairman of CENI says that 10 days are sufficient to apply arguing that all required documents will be issued by the same organizations.
In addition to completing the application form, each organization will submit a letter of motivation, a proof of approval as well as the organization status.

CENI presented the electoral timetable in June. Some politicians say the moment is not opportune to hold elections in Burundi since thousands of Burundians still live in exile.