CAPES+ and PISC Burundi: “France has joined Belgium to destabilize Burundi”

Representatives of CAPES+ and PISC Burundi state in a press conference held yesterday that the UNSC resolution 2303 on Burundi proposed by France aimed at overthrowing the current regime led by Pierre Nkurunziza and his party CNDD-FDD.

Jean Marie Nduwimana and Hamza Venant Burikukiye,  PISC Burundi And CAPES+ Legal Representatives respectively

Jean Marie Nduwimana and Hamza Venant Burikukiye, PISC Burundi And CAPES+ Legal Representatives respectively

According to the two civil society organizations’ leaders, Belgium is responsible for the tragic past that Burundi experienced. France, then, succeeded to convince UNSC members to adopt the resolution 2303. The aim was to protect Belgium from being investigated by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR) that resulted from the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement. The latter was signed in 2000 and ended 12 years of civil war and cycles of massacres, including genocide, since Burundi independence in 1960.

“This UNSC resolution seeks to overthrow the current Burundi institutions democratically elected and destroy the ruling CNDD-FDD party that set up a democratic government and restored peace and security throughout Burundi,” says Hamza Burikukiye, the chairman of CAPES+. He adds that Belgium and France want to establish a government of national union which will protect them against being judged for the crimes they committed in Burundi.

CAPES+ and PISC Burundi, therefore, call upon other civil society organizations to join them in the protest against France involvement in destabilizing Burundi, in one day campaign against the use of French language on the 29th of each month, the date on which the resolution 2303 was approved.

They demand that CVR start its activities and discourage all the people who believe in the transitional government that would result from the Arusha dialogue.

“That is the reason why the international community including France and Belgium ordered that the Arusha dialogue should not exceed two months. They are afraid of CVR results” noted Burikukiye.

The latter indicates that the 1994 Rwandan genocide was committed in the presence of France on the Rwandan territory. For him, deploying UN 228 police officers proposed by France in Burundi will allow France to commit genocide against “Burundian institutions”. One can wonder if those UN troops expected to be deployed in Burundi will be necessarily composed of French citizens.

Burikukiye urges public and private institutions, radios and newspapers and users of social media like whatsapp, twitter, internet, Facebook…not to use the French language on the 29th every month to express their dissatisfaction.

CAPES+ Chairman concludes by calling upon “those who want to support them in the fight for democracy and the sovereignty of Burundi” to come to their office for registration