PISC Burundi/ CAPES+: “A fault confessed is half redressed”

11-16-2016 The platform for Burundi civil society (PISC-Burundi) and the collective of associations of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS (CAPES+) have approached their members and agreed to create a favorable climate for a peaceful return of Burundian refugees. The two civil society organizations’ leaders say the misinformed or manipulated (...)

PISC-Burundi and CAPES+ praise government ban on other civil society organisations

10-26-2016 Non-profit groups PISC-Burundi and CAPES+ have made a joint declaration in which they praise the recent government’s crackdown on major civil rights and other non-profit groups. For Hamza Venant Burikukiye, the legal representative of CAPES+, those banned and suspended civil society organizations did not abide by their statute and (...)

CAPES+ and PISC Burundi: “France has joined Belgium to destabilize Burundi”

08-10-2016 Representatives of CAPES+ and PISC Burundi state in a press conference held yesterday that the UNSC resolution 2303 on Burundi proposed by France aimed at overthrowing the current regime led by Pierre Nkurunziza and his party CNDD-FDD. According to the two civil society organizations’ leaders, Belgium is responsible for (...)