Buterere residents stage sit-in before Ombudsman office

The government has given a period of one month to the people residing all around Buterere wastewater treatment plant in Ntahangwa urban commune to leave the locality. They have decided to stage a sit-in before the Ombudsman’s office asking him to help resolve the problem.

Some of Buterere residents staged a sit-in before the Ombudsman office

Women, Children, men, young and old people with writings denouncing the recent measure to expel them from ‘their’ plots had gathered in front of the Ombudsman office this Wednesday 6 February 2019.

Their objective was to call for the Ombudsman’s attention about their problem. “Since the government decided to dislodge us giving only one month, we live like dead people. Children no longer go to school. Those who were running small businesses gave up. How can we focus on the future being aware that we will die tomorrow,” says a woman in her thirties.

A commission from the ombudsman office that discussed with those residents took note of their complaints and promised to serve as a bridge between the government and these residents to find a lasting solution to the problem.

On 30 January, the Home Affairs Minister, that of the Environment and Agriculture as well as that of Public Works visited Buterere wastewater management plant and the surrounding locality. They recommended the return of nearly 64 ha, which were illegally occupied by local residents, to Buterere wastewater treatment plant within one month.