Burundi reports first two cases of COVID-19

Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Public Health has said the two men aged 56 and 42 are both Burundians residing in Bujumbura City.

Thaddée Ndikumana: “The two patients have been transferred to the COVID-19 management center”

“The two nationals had previously travelled to Rwanda and Dubai and were hospitalized at BUMEREC Hospital,” he said adding that they had a cough, a runny nose and muscle pain. The first patient aged 56 had had flu symptoms since March 18.

The Health Minister also said the two patients who were in isolation at BUMEREC Hospital have been transferred to the COVID-19 management center at Prince Louis Rwagasore Clinic in Bujumbura City.

“The COVID-19 surveillance and response system will be strengthened and all means will be used to contain the disease by doing a follow up on people who would have previously been in contact with them,” he said.

The Rapid Response Unit of the Ministry of Public Health was also contacted by Giteranyi Hospital in Muyinga Province over three suspected cases that later on tested negative for the virus.