Burundi Parliament reacts to EU parliament accusations

On Saturday 21 January 2017, Burundi parliament issued a statement as a reaction to the European Parliament’s accusations of human rights violations in Burundi on Thursday 19 January 2017.

nThe Burundi Parliament says it has been outraged by the European Parliament’s press release at the end of the session of 19 January, expressing its concern about human rights violations in Burundi.

The Lower Chamber of Parliament also says it regrets that the European parliament is not updated on the politico-security situation currently prevailing in Burundi: “Burundi parliament is on holidays from 30 December 2016. Since then, we have not got any case of human rights violations.”

“The human rights situation in Burundi has improved remarkably. The administration, justice, police and population are working together, the reason why peace and security prevail throughout Burundi”, Burundian parliament says.

The statement by the Burundian Parliament calls on the European Parliament to send a delegation to Burundi, to inquire about the real situation with regard to human rights in order to no longer rely on lies.

Concerning the adoption of the laws on the organic framework of non-profit associations and the general framework for cooperation between Burundi and foreign NGOs in December 2016, Burundi Parliament said the adoption was one of their tasks: “Monitoring government’s actions and voting laws”.

However, the European Parliament said it was worried about the adoption of two draft laws that establish tighter control over the actions of domestic and international NGOs by the National Assembly in Burundi on 23 and 28 December 2016. According to the European Parliament, those laws led to banning of League Iteka human rights organization from operating in the country.

Burundi Parliament calls on Burundians to remain calm and get involved in development activities which, according to the statement, are the source of lasting peace.