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Burundi lodged complaint against EAC secretariat

Burundi has filed a complaint against EAC secretariat this 17 January 2018. In a legal file “The Attorney General of the Republic of Burundi vs. The Secretary General of the East African Community, Reference No2 of 2018”, Burundi asks EAC court to refer to the law and answer their complaint about EALA Speaker controversial election.

Isabelle Ndahayo:“EALA cannot vote the laws and be the first to violate them”

Isabelle Ndahayo:“EALA cannot vote the laws and be the first to violate them”

Isabelle Ndahayo, Burundian Minister in charge of the East African Community, says Burundi does not understand how EALA schedules activities while they have waited six months for Kenya and South Sudan.

“The 4th session of EALA activities has delayed for six month after the expiration of the 3rd session.

This delay was due to the electoral process in Kenya and a complaint from South Sudan people about the election of EALA MPs from their country,” she says.

Minister Ndahayo says this delay was intended to respect the provisions of the East African Community Treaty and the EALA rules of procedure, especially with regard to the quorum requirement.

Burundian Minister reminds that Burundian and Tanzanian MPs were not present during the election while the first paragraph of Article 12 says that every country member must be represented at least by one third of its MPs. “The quorum requirement was not met.”

Burundi government has asked for clarifications about the recent EALA Speaker election. It says it does not understand why EALA is rushing to start activities before responding to the country’s concerns.

Burundi estimates that there was violation of law and as stipulated in Article 28, and therefore has lodged a complaint in EAC court.