Burundi/CNARED: Confusion over meeting

Onésime Nduwimana, CNARED Spokesperson said it is true that the meeting between the Burundian government and the exiled politicians took place in Nairobi. “It was not the first time we met”. He added that CNARED delegation firstly made sure that the office of the Burundi Ombudsman was really a special envoy of the government.

Some CNARED members

He said they together analyzed different issues such as the liberation of political detainees, opening of the political spaces, modification of the National Independent Electoral Commission, giving passports to some exiled politicians, lifting arrest warrants for some politicians, making available security forces to ensure their security when they return home… “We have even asked if we could create our own political parties once we return home,” said Nduwimana. He said the exiled politicians would like to participate in the 2020 elections to change the regime in place.

In a statement issued on 18 September, the office of the Burundi Ombudsman dismissed any probable negotiation or dialogue talks. During a working visit in Cairo-Egypt and Nairobi-Kenya from 26 August to 2 September, Edouard Nduwimana, Burundi Ombudsman met different politicians in Nairobi, who are not wanted by the Burundian justice. “The meeting was aimed to convince them to return home” said Juma Rukumbi, Spokesperson for the Burundi Ombudsman.

He said the Burundi Ombudsman has indicated that it is the resumption of neither the inter-burundian dialogue nor the negotiation. Burundi Ombudsman was accompanied by five officials who work in his institution.

Juma Rukumbi also said the meeting followed the ones that were organized in the country and outside the country like the one that took place in Helsinki in August 2017. “Burundi Ombudsman was representing neither the Burundian government nor President Pierre Nkurunziza”, he said adding that other probable meetings should be organized after the 2020 elections.
Diane Uwimana