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Burundi chapter contests election of the new EALA Speaker

“On 19 December, the East African Community Legislative Assembly headed by the clerk, conducted the election of the new EALA Speaker while two member states, namely Burundi and the United Republic of Tanzania were not present in the session,” reads the statement issued on 20 December by nine members of Burundi EALA chapter.

Burundi EALA MPs

Burundi EALA MPs

They accuse the EALA clerk of violating Article 53.1 of the treaty governing the EAC and Article 57. 1 stating the quorum rule. “On 18 December, the Counsel for the community who is also the legal advisor to the Community advised the clerk that the election could not take place if there were no quorum but the clerk went ahead and conducted the illegal election deliberately,” they said. For this, Burundi chapter describes the election of the new EALA Speaker as null and void.

Martin Ngoga from Rwanda was elected on 19 December as the new Speaker of the fourth East African Legislative Assembly-EALA.The election which was scheduled for 18 December took place on 19 December as lawmakers from Burundi and Tanzania had boycotted it.