Night theft on the rise on some Bujumbura city streets

Cases of night robbery are increasing in different corners of Bujumbura city especially along the28th November Boulevard. The victims of the attack ask the police to make regular patrols to protect them.

The28th November Boulevard where night attacks often occur

The28th November Boulevard where night attacks often occur

These days, there are many attacks of bandits during the night. Many people complain that these attacks are increasingly becoming habitual and are carried out in the early hours of the night, just shortly after sunset.

Pedestrians complain about the absence of security forces to protect them. Most of the victims say darkness and lack of patrol are the causes of such attacks.

A lady who was subject of the attack of night bandits said on condition of anonymity that she was attacked between 8:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. along with her friend. “Five young men came from different directions and surrounded us. They grabbed us by the necks and we fainted. When we became conscious again, the bandits had already vanished with all our money, mobile phones, shoes and bags”.

The lady says the gang had no arms. “I think these people steal because there is lack of job”, she says. She calls upon the local administration to urge people who live by roadside to put lights on the gate as bandits hide behind darkness to steal belongings from pedestrians.

Another victim of those attacks told Iwacu he was not aware of those attacks when he fell in their hands. “They had a piece of wood attached to their forearms with which they throttled me and I nearly died”, he says.

He continues to say that” the police should patrol that area and identify those behind that night robbery”. As there is no police station around, even when victims cry, none comes to their rescue.

Nibasumba Révérien, Chief of North Mutanga area, says he is aware of the alarming rise in night robbery, especially along the 28th November Boulevard.” The situation is so because the road is not sufficiently lit”. Thieves hide behind the dark to steal pedestrians. Mr. Nibasumba says he has informed the security forces about the situation and hopes they are soon taking the issue in their own hands.