Aurore Ishimwe


Cases of kidnapping on the rise in Burundi, police say

01-13-2017 The spokesman for the Burundian national police, Pierre Nkurikiye, held a press conference on Thursday clarifying the acts of kidnapping and swindling that are becoming more common in Burundi. Recently, there have been many cases of kidnapping all over the country, the police conducted investigation. “Since 2015 the rate (...)

Cases of abandoned children on the rise in Burundi

01-11-2017 A newborn baby has been found in front of the office of Muyinga Province Governor in the morning of Monday 9th January 2017, local sources say. Her mother left it just after birth. The baby was immediately brought to Muyinga hospital by the administrative authorities to prevent any infection. (...)

Canada concerned Burundi president to seek fourth term

01-06-2017 The president Pierre Nkurunziza indicated that he will stand for another term if the people want him in the power. Canada has concerns. On Thursday 5th January, the minister of foreign affairs in Canada released a declaration in which he explained his fears for the future in Burundi. “Canada (...)

Cholera contained in Cibitoke Province…

01-05-2017 “Out of 31 people who were infected by cholera in Cibitoke district, 11 have now recovered and fortunately no one died”, says Dr Thaddée Ndikumana, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health. He says the situation is under control, the program for fight against epidemic diseases has enough medications. “Patients (...)

Officially at BIF 2200/kg, sugar price varies in shops…

01-03-2017 Pélate Niyonkuru, Commerce Minister, has announced on Monday the price increase of the Burundi sugar company’s product. “The price has changed from BIF 1900 to BIF 2200 per kg due to the rise of the sugar production cost”, he said. Before January 2017, the price of sugar varied between (...)

The rise in price of Brarudi products: A necessary evil

01-02-2017 Sunday 1st January 2017, the new prices of Burundi Brewery Company- BRARUDI products have been announced on different media. Except non alcoholic drinks, others like Primus 72cl and 50cl, Amstel 65cl and 50cl, Amstel bock ,Amstel Royale and Nyongera, their prices have been increased. According to Brarudi, this has (...)