Armed thief shot dead in Gasekebuye quarter, police say

One thief with a defensive grenade was killed by a police agent in the early morning of this 30 November 2017 in Gasekebuye area, east of Bujumbura, national police say. People in the neighbourhood say the locality is rife with theft.

“The place where the dead body of the robber was found”

“The place where the dead body of the robber was found”

A man was shot dead by a police agent after stealing in one of the houses in Gasekebuye locality of Musaga zone, in Muha southern commune of Bujumbura. At around 4 a.m., gunshots were heard and a dead body was later found in an alley in the quarter. “I heard gunshots but they did not last long. I did not go out to see but when I woke up in the morning, there was a crowd in front of our gate. A dead body laid down in the alley. People said it was a thief”, says Jean Claude, a domestic working next to the attacked house.

Police spokesperson, Pierre Nkurikiye, said the thief whom the police shot dead was armed with a defensive grenade. “A robber named Fabrice Hatungimana was killed by the police. He was found with a defensive grenade and was with other thieves who successfully ran away after stealing,” says Nkurikiye.

The population living in the vicinity say robbery is rife in the area. “Robbers come regularly. They broke in this house and stole a television set, radio, clothes, shoes and many other items which could be taken through the window. What surprises us is that they do not even fear the police in the neighbourhood, it is really unusual,” says a man who lives in Gasekebuye area.

As for security guards, they say they ask the police to increase security. “I work as a night guard here. I feel unsafe; there is an unfamiliar movement of armed thieves which is observed these days. The one who has been killed early this morning is one of a gang,” he says.

There is an upsurge in armed robbery in Gasekebuye neighbourhood. Near the attacked home, there are four other houses that have been victims of robbery in less than 2 months.