Administrator accused of beating young lady in Bujumbura province

At Mugongo-Manga commune in Bujumbura province, a lady is in a critical situation after being beaten in the night of Sunday, September 22nd. She accuses the communal administrator of beating her.

Yvette Iradukunda is in a critical situation at Ijenda Hospital after being beaten by the administrator

At 11 a.m. at Ijenda Hospital in Mugongo-Manga commune. Yvette Iradukunda, 26, is in a critical situation. She can hardly speak. She says she can neither sit nor walk. She was a barmaid at Abiyunze bar located in Ijenda area of Mugongo-Manga commune.

“My friends and I heard the administrator knocking on the door at 10 p.m.,” says Yvette Iradukunda adding that they had already closed the bar at that time.

She says the administrator started slapping her without saying anything as she opened the door to answer to his call. “He kicked me and I fell down, thereafter he ran away,” she adds.

Ms. Iradukunda says the administrator had once sworn that he will beat her. However, she says she had no conflict or relationship with him.
The sick lady asks the administrator to pay for her treatment and calls on the government to punish him.

“We heard cries inside the house immediately after the administrator arrived,” says a security guard of the bar where the lady was beaten. We always close the bar at 9 p.m., he adds.

He calls on the administrator to behave like an official. “We are all Burundians and have the right to leave in this country,” he says adding that the administrator should be punished by the justice.

The parents of Ms. Iradukunda say they have been surprised after their daughter was reported to be in a critical situation. “We ask that the administrator be punished accordingly and pay for our daughter’s medical treatment,” says her mother with a desperate face.

Iwacu tried to meet the administrator of Mugongo-Manga commune in vain. Thereafter, he was contacted on phone and said “I cannot talk to journalists on a telephone call”.