Administrative Court adjourns again trial between CNC and Radio Bonesha

The Administrative Court of Bujumbura has held on June 24 the second public hearing on the trial opposing Burundi Media Regulator-CNC and the Radio without Borders ‘Bonesha FM’. It was adjourned for 27 May 2019 because CNC lawyer had not brought the completed file about the trial. . After hearing both parties, the court has adjourned the trial again for further deliberation.

Léon Masengo, Director of Bonesha FM “CNC has not got serious charges against Bonesha radio”

“We have been very surprised by the fact that CNC accused Bonesha radio officials of exceeding the time limit of six months to appeal against CNC decision refusing us to operate again in Burundi after the destruction of our radio station on 14 May 2015,” Léon Masengo, Director of Bonesha FM told journalists.

He believes that CNC has not got serious charges against Bonesha officials. He explains that the decision they protested against had been taken during the National Assembly of CNC held from 22 to 23 February 2018.

Mr Masengo says Bonesha FM made an appeal to protest against the decision on March 10, 2018. “We asked CNC chairman to reconsider the decision since they demanded us to present the certificate of non-prosecution which is not mentioned among the document required to be authorized to set up a radio station,” he says adding that Bonesha filed a lawsuit within six months provided for in the law. Bonesha FM director says he hopes to win the lawsuit.