ACECI to distribute 10,000 Artemisia plants per month in each province

Gynette Karirekinyana, Chairperson for the International Cooperation Ethics Advisory Agency-ACECI expects to distribute more plants of Artemisia and catnip plants to households to fight against malaria. “People get more interested in the consumption of Artemisia and catnip plants since ACECI creation in October 2010,” she says. Karirekinyana says her Agency contributed more to the sensitization campaigns towards the population and administration.

Gynette Karirekinyana: “People get more interested in the consumption of Artemisia and catnip plants”

“Not only, is ACECI involved in the provision of anti-malaria products, but also, the agency expects to distribute 10,000 plants of Artemisia and catnips to households to reduce the cases of malaria epidemic disease,” she says adding that these anti-malaria plants are distributed in Gitega, Bubanza, Rutana, Karusi, Rumonge and Muyinga provinces. “We only operated in Bujumbura city up to 2018,” she says.

ACECI Chairman exhorts the Ministry of Public Health to deal with the distribution of these plants as it did for the distribution of insecticide-treated mosquito nets throughout the country.

Karirekinyana also adds that people consume more anti-malaria products day after day. “ACECI started providing three liters per day at the beginning but it is now distributing at least 200 liters per week”, she says.

However, WHO had indicated that there is a need to conduct more scientific research to prove the efficiency of Artemisia .