ACECI to distribute 10,000 Artemisia plants per month in each province

01-28-2020 Gynette Karirekinyana, Chairperson for the International Cooperation Ethics Advisory Agency-ACECI expects to distribute more plants of Artemisia and catnip plants to households to fight against malaria. “People get more interested in the consumption of Artemisia and catnip plants since ACECI creation in October 2010,” she says. Karirekinyana says her (...)

WHO recommends more scientific research on Artemisia

08-30-2019 In a workshop organized by the municipality of Bujumbura in collaboration with ACECI, the World Health Organization-WHO has said Artemisia has not yet been approved as a medicine for malaria. Dismas Mbaza, Program Officer at World Health Organization in Burundi has said researchers should send their results to the (...)

Artemisia: what a huge relief against malaria!

05-12-2014 Two kinds of Artemisia such as Artemisia Annua and Artemisia Afra are now proved that they can cure malaria. Albert Mbonerane, the Chairperson of the Association Fighting Against Malaria (ALUMA) gives us more information.-Diane Uwimana “In the world, every 20 seconds, a child of less than 5 years old (...)