60,000 final year post-fundamental school students sit for state exam

About 60,000 graders in the final year of the post-fundamental school in Burundi have sat for the state exam this August 07, 2018. In Bujumbura city, some minor irregularities were observed.

Graduates at “Lycée Notre Dame de Rohero” sitting for the examination

Graduates at “Lycée Notre Dame de Rohero” sitting for the examination

At 8h30 in the morning, we are at “Lycée Notre Dame de Rohero”, in the centre of Bujumbura capital. Teachers, directors of different schools and the minister of education are present. After giving students some instructions on how they should behave, teachers asked them to go to their classrooms.
The minister of education passes in all classes, to see if the new rules of dressing and hairstyle were respected. Students who, according to the minister, have not respected the rules were warned. They won’t be allowed to sit for the exam tomorrow if they come without shaving the hair properly.
The exam began at 9:30. All the 651 candidates from the five schools were present at the examination center.

At the center known as “ETS I” in the northern part of the city, 1119 candidates were on the list but 26 were absent. The exam began at 9:30

At the center of Petit “Séminaire de Kanyosha”, in the southern part, the exam has begun at 9am, some instructions and registration numbers were given to students yesterday. Candidates on the list were 482 but 75 were absent. Out of 10 schools that should be present, only nine came. One of the schools that was supposed to do the exam at this center was not present.

Students appreciate the way the exam was organized and done. Armel Quintin Muhiziwintore, a student at “Petit Séminaie de Kanyosha” says they had enough time to revise all the lessons. “There was nothing new, we studied and revised all the given questions but exams are always difficult”.

Ernest Mberamiheto, President of the national commission for the state examination, says the latter went well in general except that there were slight irregularities that can be corrected on the second day.
According to the minister of education, it is expected that two promotions of graduates (S/Y: 2016-2017 and 2017-2018) will join the university at the same time, this year.