Audrey, the web Star

12-30-2015 In less than one month, Audrey ITERITEKA a.k.a “Beyonce”, a 18 years old orphan Burundian girl reaches more than 10000 views from youtube on her interpretation of Beyonce’s song Hallo, the performance raises national and international curiosity. All has started as a joke. (...)

A macabre morning in Nyakabiga

12-12-2015 On the morning of this Saturday 12th December, people of Nyakabiga were in a total anguish. Dozens of dead bodies were found in that neighborhood after a longest Friday filled with a confrontation between police and gunmen. (...)

World day against HIV/AIDS

12-02-2015 It is at St Michel Parish where the mayor of Bujumbura celebrated the world Aids day against HIV/AIDS. (...)

“The non effect of Washington sanctions”

12-01-2015 Sanctions recently imposed on four current and former Burundi government officials by Washington for causing violence in Burundi were not based on the reality. (...)

An attack at the Snack bar « la facilite » of Kibenga

12-01-2015 A man was killed and two terribly injured during an attack at the snack bar “la facilité” of Kibenga this last night. (...)

What will become Ruyigi without Maison Shalom?

11-20-2015 After the frozen of the bank accounts of Maison Shalom by the General attorney of the Republic of Burundi, all the projects supported by that local NGO will be suspended. (...)

A press release issued by a United Special Envoy in Bujumbura

11-13-2015 Thomas Perriello a United Special Envoy for the Great Lakes region has issued a press release expressing the deep concerns of the United States over the political situation of Burundi on the afternoon of 10th November 2015. (...)

The burial ceremonies of the couple killed at Gard du Nord

11-09-2015 BAYIKENGURUTSE Jenje Samson Desire and his wife Justine KAKUNZE were buried today at the Mpanda graveyard. (...)
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Iwacu English is temporarily suspended due to financial constraints

11-02-2015 Iwacu English is temporarily suspended due to financial constraints. We will pick up where we left off as soon as possible. In the meantime we will sporadically publish translated articles from our colleagues in the French department. For those of you who wish to support our work, please check (...)

Burundi at the crossroads

11-02-2015 An inclusive inter- Burundian dialogue, which responds in part, to the demands of the international community , a willingness to extradite certain ” dialogue attendees ” a disagreement with the mediation … Will Bujumbura keep its promises ? By Elyse Ngabire, Rénovat Ndabashinze and Edouard Madirisha translated by Diane (...)