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First Meeting of Former Burundian Diaspora from Kenya

12-31-2013 This Sunday, 22 December 2013, the former Burundian Diaspora from Kenya through G 25 Events (Generation of the vision 2025) have organized the 1st gathering of Burundians who used to live in Kenya in order to promote information, unity, dialogue and communication between them.-By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse The meeting (...)

Christmas Day for Indigenous People, too

12-30-2013 In order to share a Christmas Day and provide some food and other daily needs to Batwa, Jehovah Jireh Association (AJEJI) has organized a great event at Buterere Commune this Sunday 22December 2013 .-Yves Didier Irakoze AJEJI, i.e. God the Provider, has worked in collaboration with the government representatives, (...)

Beware of road accidents at the end of the year

12-28-2013 December is the most dangerous month because of a great amount of accidents especially at the end of the year in Burundi. Hence, Road Traffic Police has to act appropriately for people’s security while driving or riding.-By Diane Uwimana About 1850 accidents occurred at the end of the 2012 (...)
EAC integration

French will be adopted as an official language in EAC

12-26-2013 During the 15th Ordinary Summit of the EAC Heads of States held at Kampala, on 30 November 2013, the Council of Ministers was directed to study the modalities of including French as a language of the community in addition to English and Kiswahili. Burundians appreciate the decision.-Lorraine Josiane Manishatse (...)

“Nairobi fly”, small but dangerous

12-25-2013 Nairobi fly, acid-bug, Nyerere, are all names given to the black and red stripped bug. Its actual name is Paederus Sabaeus, and besides the Paederus dermatitis (skin irritation), the bug can hurt a lot more.-By Joanna Nganda The bug lives in bushes surrounding houses, in which it hides during the (...)

Poor healthcare in some public hospitals: Things should change

12-24-2013 Some patients complain about the way they are cared for in some public hospitals. They want both physicians and nurses to treat them carefully to their expectations.-By Yves Didier Irakoze “I had a son of 3 months who had a fever; thetemperature was between 39 and 40°. We went (...)

Christmas for HIV-positive orphans

12-23-2013 Christmas is a joyful holiday when the whole family gathers around a nice meal, parents distribute presents and nice memories are built. However, for HIV-positive orphans, Christmas can be a dark moment that makes them feel lonelier than ever.-By Joanna Nganda That is the reason why the National Association for (...)

Ten weeks in the USA

12-21-2013 The Burundian author and journalist Roland Rugero was the guest of the prestigious International Writing Program (IWP), at Iowa University, from August 24th to November 13th. Between reading, writing and meeting 33 other writers and travelers, he tells us about his journey. – Text translated by Joanna K. Ndanga (...)

Road traffic standards must be respected

12-21-2013 Now, the Road Traffic Police are fighting against too old cars. Buses are among the cars which are often arrested because a big number of them don’t respond to road traffic standards. But according to bus drivers, the decision is too harsh.-ByLorraine Josiane Manishatse Since this last week, cars (...)

“It’s a sentiment of satisfaction”

12-20-2013 Gifts made of shoes, food, clothes, soaps…have been given by King’s School to the Batwas’ Community from Buterere before Christmas this 13 December 2013. Therefore, Batwas from this community salute the act and would like to see other associations or institutions doing the same.-Yves Didier Irakoze Shining faces, songs (...)