Traders from rehabilitated markets disagree on one-month period to build stands

The joint commission in charge of distributing stands to traders in the newly rehabilitated markets has released lists of traders who will operate in the markets of Kinama and Ruziba in the capital Bujumbura.

Traders were looking for their names on the lists at Ruziba market

Traders were looking for their names on the lists at Ruziba market

Traders have a month to set up their stalls in metallic materials. “Traders who were given stalls in the newly rehabilitated markets have a month to set them up again with metallic materials,” reads the statement posted on each market.

Emile Barakekenwa, one of the traders operating in Kinama market, in the north of the capital Bujumbura, says one month is too short to build stands in metallic materials. “We don’t have enough means to erect stands within one month as metallic materials are very expensive,” he says. Wooden planks are not allowed to be used in the construction of stands. “We know that several markets were completely burnt because they were built with planks. Therefore, the commission should extend the duration to allow traders to find much more means”, he says.

François Ngendakumana, another trader says the commission in charge of distributing stands aims at chasing small traders from their previous stands to make them become street traders. “The government should help us erect those stands or extend the deadline for us to get means to buy the required materials,” he says.

Candide Kazatsa in charge of communication at Bujumbura City Council office says the measure to construct stalls in metal materials was taken for security reasons. “Several markets caught fire because stands were constructed with wooden planks,” she says.

Ramadhan Nkurikiye, senior adviser to Bujumbura Mayor and chairman of the commission in charge of distributing stands in the newly rehabilitated markets, has said lists of traders in the remaining markets will shortly be available.

“Giving a stand to a merchant will depend on the proof of regularity of his/her obligations vis-à-vis the City Council. The commissioner of the market will proceed with the audit. Those who are not satisfied will have two weeks to file an appeal.

Nkurikiye says all traders who are registered to be given places are estimated at more than 10 thousand.

After Bujumbura central market caught fire on January 27, 2013, the EU gave an aid equivalent to more than 4 million euros that helped in the rehabilitation of six peripheral markets namely Kanyosha, Musaga, Jabe, Ngagara, Kinindo and Kinama as well as the construction of Ruziba new market.

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