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English is now official language of Burundi

09-17-2014 The National Assembly unanimously adopted a draft law on the status of languages including English as an official language, on 28 August 2014. Government officials are in the process of learning more about the language.-Diane Uwimana “The national language is Kirundi. The official languages are Kirundi and other languages (...)
' 6th year primary school doing a nationl test.©Iwacu

English and Swahili: Studied but not done in National Test

09-06-2013 In Burundi, pupils from primary school study the English and Kiswahili languages added to Kirundi and French since 2005-2006 School Year. But up to now, the two new languages are not included in National Test of the primary school final year-by Lorraine Josiane Manishatse Burundi has recently adopted English (...)
' Andika-Prize

Andika Prize : do you like to write? This is a nice opportunity for you!

08-08-2013 Encouraging young writers, ng the image and history of Burundi to English Speakers and facilitating Burundians to take part in the regional integration effectively, were the main objectives of Andika Prize initiated by IWACU Press Group, launched this Thursday 25th July to local young resident writers by Diane Uwimana (...)
' American-Corner-Kamenge-Campus

Two American corners to reinforce and strengthen English

08-02-2013 About two months ago, two American Corners opened their doors at Bujumbura Capital. Today, the number of visitors is increasing day by day and Burundians are more and more interested- by Diane Uwimana Some are concentrated on books while others are connected to computers. Everybody is required to keep (...)
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