Politicians oppose BIF 50 million required for presidential candidates in 2020

The Ministry of Home Affairs met some leaders of political parties to analyze a draft bill on the electoral code for 2020 elections on 4 January. Among the innovations of the draft bill, a presidential candidate will put BIF 50 million instead of BIF 15 million required in the past years into the public treasury account opened at the National Bank-BRB.

Jean De Dieu Mutabazi (Right) and Léonce Ngendakumana(Left)

Politicians, however, don’t appreciate the decision. Léonce Ngendakumana, Deputy Chairman of Sahwanya FRODEDU party says the government wants to exclude some political parties and coalitions from the electoral competition in 2020. “I am sure that the government will provide this amount to the political parties close to the ruling party,” says Ngendakumana adding that all political parties which don’t share the ruling party’s vision will not benefit from the favor. Léonce Ngendakumana says it will not be easy to have the required amount and participate in the running of the presidential election.

As for Jean De Dieu Mutabazi, chairman of RADEBU party, nothing should explain the required amount to participate in 2020 elections. “We refer to the amount required in 1993, 2010 and 2015. Each candidate should put down a deposit of deposit of BIF 15 million to promote candidates who have a popular program, “he says. Mr. Mutabazi also says the government should also consider the inclusion of all political parties and other amount required in the past years

According to Article 104 of the draft bill on the electoral code, the amount will be reimbursed in totality if a candidacy is considered unacceptable.

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