Over 80 Congolese asylum seekers hosted in Cibitoke province within a week

Eight Congolese families, from Banyamulemge community made of 39 people spent the night of 30 August at the office of Rugombo commune, Cibitoke province in northwestern Burundi. They fled the attacks being carried out by Mayi Mayi rebels against Banyamulenge community based in Bijombo locality, Uvira territory, in South-Kivu province in the DRC.

Congolese asylum seekers in Cishemere transit site

Congolese asylum seekers in Cishemere transit site

” Mayi Mayi attacked us, stole all our belongings, destroyed our homes and some of our family members were killed,” says Zahabu Mwungura, one of the Congolese asylum seekers, adding that they were hiding in the bush since these attacks have begun. He says Mayi Mayi targets Banyamulenge. He calls on the Government of Burundi to offer them asylum and ensure their safety.

Muhoza, also an asylum seeker worries about the safety of their relatives who stayed in Congo. “I’m afraid they will be killed.” He urges the Congolese government to ensure the safety of Bijombo residents. They are exposed to danger, according to Muhoza.

Niyonzima Ulimwengu, the Rugombo commune secretary says that more than 80 asylum seekers arrived in a week adding that as soon as these refugees arrive at the commune office, they are taken to Cishemere transit site in Buganda Commune. “There, they are assisted by UNHCR,” says Niyonzima adding that most of these asylum seekers come from Minembwe and Muramvya localities.

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