One shot dead by policeman in Mugina commune

A man named Didace Nsanze was killed by a policeman in Rugajo locality, Mugina commune, Cibitoke province this Monday 15April 2019 at around 2 am.

 Rugajo locality inhabitants ask justice to severely punish the policemanAccording to sources on the spot, both the policeman and the deceased person spent the evening together sharing beer and having discussions.

“Both of them were together until late in the night when there was a misunderstanding between them. Then, the policeman shot the unarmed civilian who died on the spot,” says N.M. met in Mugina.
Bayavuge Jovith, Mugina commune administrator, says the policeman was arrested and sent to justice. He says the administration will collaborate with the judiciary institution to make sure the alleged criminal is punished accordingly. “As agreed with Cibitoke public prosecutor, this case has to be handled as a flagrant case”.

The family of the deceased and people from Rugajo locality ask justice to severely punish this police agent so as to discourage such behavior.
The thirty-two-year-old man from Ngozi province leaves a widow and three children.

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