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Jacques Nshimirimana: ORA Child Protection Award Recipient

10-18-2016 German organizations of children’s rights assembled in ORA Kinderhilfe International coalition designated Jacques Nshimirimana, the chairman of the Federation of the associations defending the children rights-Fenadeb as the winner of the “ORA Child Protection Award” for his strong commitment to the rights of Burundian children. Floreck Matthias, the chairman (...)
' Bujumbura Accuses UNHCR of not updating Database

Bujumbura Accuses UNHCR of not updating Database

09-28-2016 UNHCR says over 300,000 Burundians fled to neighboring countries, the number the interior minister rejects, stating that the majority have returned home “So far, about 100,000 Burundian refugees have willingly come back home from the neighboring countries”, said Térence Ntahiraja, Assistant to the Interior Minister. Most of them are (...)
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Bujumbura dismisses UN report on Burundi as “political”

09-23-2016 On 22 September, Burundi’s Ministry in charge of Human Rights slammed a report by the United Nations as unverified and lacking credibility. “The UN experts collected unverified information and did not mention sources for their report’s credibility”, deplores Martin Nivyabandi, the Minister of National Solidarity, Gender and Human Rights. (...)
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Damning UN Report over Burundi Human Rights Deterioration

09-22-2016 The final report of the United Nations Independent Investigation in Burundi (UNIIB) published on 20 September indicates that UNIIB documented hundreds of cases of summary executions, targeted assassinations, arbitrary detention, torture and sexual violence. UNIIB conducted a total of 227 interviews, in some cases with various parties. The interviews (...)
' Extension of restrictive measures against four Burundians

Extension of restrictive measures against four Burundians

09-21-2016 This Tuesday, 20 September 2016, the European Council renewed until 31 October 2017 restrictive measures against four people “whose activities were seen as undermining democracy or hampering the search for a political solution to the crisis that has rocked Burundi since the past few months. Their activities include acts (...)

Pierre Claver Mbonimpa: Recipient of the “2016 Alison Des Forges Award”

09-02-2016 Human Rights Watch’s Alison Des Forges Award celebrates the valor of individuals who put their lives in danger to protect the dignity and rights of others. According to Human Rights Watch, Pierre Claver Mbonimpa has shown tireless dedication to the human rights cause as one of Burundi’s most prominent (...)
' “Some swindlers pretend to be Intelligence agents to extort money from people”

“Some swindlers pretend to be Intelligence agents to extort money from people”

08-18-2016 Martin Nivyabandi, the Minister in charge of Human Rights, recognizes that such practice is common in Burundi. This was reported during a press briefing held in Bujumbura the capital on 17 August. “It has been reported that the National Intelligence Services detains and tortures people. But we noticed that (...)
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Human Rights Watch accuses the ruling party youth and police of rape

07-29-2016 In a statement issued on 27 July, the Human Rights Watch organization reported over 300 cases of rape or sexual assault committed by the Imbonerakure youths and men in police uniforms. The latter deny the allegations. From May until September 2015, 323 (264 women and 59 girls) cases of (...)
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The UN Committee against Torture to review Burundi Human Rights deterioration

07-26-2016 The UN Committee against torture will conduct a special review of Burundi on 28 and 29 July in Geneva, in the light of the information it has recently received about the deteriorating human rights situation in the country. According to the statement issued on 25 July by the UN (...)
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UN expert: civil society and media are deemed political opponents

12-01-2014 Civil society and the press are accused of being opposition actors. Human Rights defenders are systematically threatened and even attacked. Peaceful demonstrations are only authorized when in favor of the government. These are just a few of the conclusions of Michel Forst, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation (...)