' The 2018 state budget  will be internally funded at 100%

Burundi government to finance itself from 2018

09-25-2017 Finance Minister, Domitien Ndihokubwayo recently announced that the government is to be self-financing from 2018. He said that during the meeting that the staff of the ministry and the heads of departments in charge of collecting the financial revenues of the state held last week in Ngozi province. They (...)
' The new thermal power plant will operate 18 hours a day

Power price to increase in Burundi

09-15-2017 Due to the power failure that regularly occurs in the country, the company in charge of supplying water and electricity [REGIDESO] now launches the new thermal power plant which will produce 30 Megawatts. Its generators will use between 150 and 160 thousand liters of oil per day. Jéroboam Nzikobanyanka, (...)
' Farmers displayed some of their products

Exhibition of agricultural and livestock products for experience sharing

09-14-2017 The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in collaboration with the Forum of Organizations of Agricultural Producers in Burundi (FOPABU) organized an exhibition of agricultural products on 14 September. The Agriculture and Livestock Ministry says the aim is to allow agricultural producers to share experience. Agricultural producers from various parts (...)
' Faustin Ndikumana “There is favouritism in offering contracts”

“Corruption has become routine despite ‘zero tolerance’ policy” says NGO boss

08-28-2017 Seven years after “zero tolerance” was declared on corruption, Faustin Ndikumana, the chairperson of PARCEM, a local civil rights group, says it has become routine. Corruption is part of everyday life in Burundi today, and being corrupt is no longer considered taboo, according to the head of the PARCEM, (...)
' Vehicle users say the rise in price for the technical control is unjust

Price of technical inspection of vehicles to be increased

08-23-2017 Public Transport Office [OTRACO] has announced that the price of the technical inspection of vehicles will increase from September 1st. Vehicles owners and drivers speak of an unjust measure. Following the recent measure taken by OTRACO, the price for the technical control of public transport vehicles will go from (...)
' Ecobank employees dismissed staged a sit in to claim for their allowances

Ecobank employees denounce unfair dismissal

08-18-2017 At least 70 employees of Ecobank Burundi have been dismissed due to poor economic performance. They say that the dismissal process contains many irregularities. Ecobank has dismissed 70 employees for economic reasons in accordance with the law, says Victor Noumoué, the Chief Executive Officer of Ecobank Burundi. He says (...)
' “Ruziba newly constructed market”

Six markets rehabilitated and one newly constructed thanks to EU funds, inaugurated

08-10-2017 The government of Burundi with the EU inaugurated six markets rehabilitated and one newly constructed in Ruziba, Kanyosha zone in Bujumbura on Wednesday 10th August 2017. This project was funded by the EU. Different authorities from the government, ambassadors from European countries and a big crowd of people were (...)
' Pélate Niyonkuru, Minister of trade and industry:  “It would be unfair to move the summit to another country with all the money we invested in its preparations.”

Burundi says it is ready to host 2017 COMESA Summit

08-02-2017 The secretary general of Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) has recently sent a letter to the Burundian Minister of Trade and Industry stating that Burundi will not host the 20thsummit of COMESA. However, the concerned minister says the reasons provided in the letter are unfounded and (...)
' “There has been Amstel 65 cl shortage since last week. We receive other drinks except that beer”.

Amstel beer consumers and sellers complain about its shortage

08-02-2017 There is a shortage of Amstel beer 65 cl. Consumers complain and suspect its withdrawal from the market. However, Brarudi, the Burundi brewery company, says the scarcity of that beer is due to its high consumption these days. “We were told to give back the empty bottles of Amstel (...)
' Côme Manirakiza, Minister of Energy and Mining: “Electricity will be available soon but says prices will have to increase”

Energy ministry to decrease power cut by increasing electricity price

08-01-2017 This Monday 31 July, the Minister of Energy and Mining, Côme Manirakiza, presented an assessment of the ministry’s achievements for the first semester of the on-going year. He has promised that electricity will be available soon but says prices will have to increase. “REGIDESO, a company in charge of (...)