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Young Women Certificated After Boot Camp

08-29-2016 45 young women participated in a month-training organized by the US Embassy under the theme “turn your talent into your business”. On 26 August, they were certificated following their efforts and endeavors after that training held at Kinindo American Corner. “Know your talent and believe in it…you can but (...)
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Option for solar energy is changing lives of rural inhabitants

08-12-2016 The use of solar energy is gaining momentum in rural areas. It is improving living conditions of rural communities and offers some economic opportunities at low cost as testimonies collected from the rural district of Kabezi indicate. Solar power system is transforming places that traditionally did not access electricity (...)
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PTA Bank headquarters soon resuming its activities in Burundi

08-12-2016 The Eastern and Southern Trade and Development Bank-PTA, the second largest Bank in Africa after the African Development Bank- AfDB, will restart its activities in Burundi after 23 years of absence. The signing ceremonies took place on 11 August between Alain Aimé Nyamitwe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and (...)
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Transportation buses forbidden to cross Burundi- Rwanda border

08-05-2016 This measure was implemented on 4 August by the police. PAFE (Migration police) agents prevented all public transportation buses going to or from Rwanda from crossing the border. Sources from Kanyaru border post revealed that travelers who left Bujumbura before 10 am were able to continue their trip but (...)
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“Good to celebrate, but identify challenges first!”

08-05-2016 On the eve of the celebration of the national day of communes on 6 August, the local NGO–PARCEM organized this 3 August a press briefing to give some solutions to different challenges observed in communes. “A commune is the showcase for the development achievements. However, some challenges are still (...)
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Agriculture / Many opportunities, less involvement

08-03-2016 The Burundi federal chamber of commerce and industry-CFCIB has organized a “President coffee” networking in order to promote agribusiness and attract economic operators, on 1 August in Bujumbura City Council. “How much should we spend to increase the agricultural production? It is possible to see all Burundians having enough (...)
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Burundi bans food exportation, farmers and traders pay the price

08-02-2016 Burundi has prohibited basic food exportation. Small traders and farmers lose their only means of existence. Burundi government has declared a ban on the exportation of basic foodstuffs. In a statement issued on Friday 29 July, the government spokesman Philippe Nzobonariba justified the prohibition by an anticipation of an (...)
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Rules against oil speculation hamper fishing in Lake Tanganyika

07-29-2016 Oil price increase is affecting fishing which is already less productive due to fish catches decline. The scarcity has compelled authorities to restrict oil procurement by fishermen to curb speculation. The constraints are nonetheless ineffective and worsen the fishing conditions. The cut in fuel supply is seriously detrimental to (...)
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The job creation rate does not cover the unemployment rate

07-28-2016 The 2016 biannual report by the Investment Promotion Agency (API) reported that more than 11,000 companies were registered during that period. Over 11000 jobs were also created during the last six months. Didace Ngendakumana , the API director says he is satisfied with those figures which are higher than (...)
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Discontent among motorcyclists

07-27-2016 Special badges for paid transportation motorcycles and complete documents are some requirements of Muyinga province officials since last week. Drivers stand against that measure and claim for its suspension. The ultimatum expired on 17 July. All motorbikes allocated in the paid transport of people in Muyinga north-eastern province ought (...)