' Andrew Mold, Acting Director of the UNECA Sub-regional Office for East Africa presenting Burundi profile in Bujumbura

“Decreased agricultural productivity causes low growth in Burundi”, UNECA report reveals

07-13-2017 Growth in Burundi is low, due to the low productivity of the subsistence agriculture on which the majority of the population depends, reveals the analysis presented on 13 July in Bujumbura by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). On the occasion of the publication of the Burundi (...)
' The ‘Grenier du Burundi’ market closed now.

Traders of ‘Grenier du Burundi’ market relocated to COTEBU market

07-05-2017 The Bujumbura Mayor’s decision to relocate traders of ‘Grenier du Burundi’ market in Bujumbura city center to ‘COTEBU’ market in Ngagara zone has been implemented since this morning. Some traders say their goods are still locked up in the former market. Since the morning of Wednesday 5 July, the (...)
' Public transit vehicles relocated to COTEBU Market.

North station for public transit vehicles relocated from Kamenge to Ngagara II

07-04-2017 Since Monday morning, Bujumbura authorities in collaboration with the police have relocated the north station for public transit vehicles. Bujumbura City Mayor says the decision was taken to prevent road accidents and promote economic activities at the newly built market commonly called COTEBU. At 7 AM, at the market (...)
' Noël Nkurunziza: "The prices of exempted food products are almost unchanged on the market."

Tax exemption: Godsend for traders

06-26-2017 Maize seeds, maize flour, manioc, cassava flour, rice and beans have been exempted from customs duties since 15 May. Burundian Association of Consumers (ABUCO) denounces that only importers benefit from this tax exemption. “Consumers have not yet benefited from the tax exemption of imported food”, says Noël Nkurunziza, ABUCO (...)
' Economic crisis-1-2 copy

Burundi risks being deeply in debt

06-21-2017 Since 2014, public national debt is increasing. Today it exceeds BIF 1.200  billions. Parcem, a local NGO aiming at changing people’s mentality is worried about the way the debt is increasing. “The accumulation of this national debt currently represents more than BIF 1.200 billions” said Faustin Ndikumana, Executive Secretary (...)
' kwa sioni

Increase in rent causes Bujumbura City Market traders to close shops

06-20-2017 Traders of about 30 shops at the Bujumbura City Market –BCM have suspended their daily activities due to the increase in rent, this morning 20 June. The market’s management accuses them of illegally occupying its empty spaces. “We don’t understand why we should pay additional rent”, says angrily a (...)
' The sugar stock of “International shop”

Sugar import has produced its effects

06-19-2017 Sugar price has gone down since the start of June. This decrease is due to the import of 7.000 tons of sugar and the increase of SOSUMO supply to the market. ”Now I am allowed to buy any quantity of sugar that I need without any condition”, says gladly (...)
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Foreign currency transfer: Regional banks benefit

06-16-2017 NGOs have been obliged to open their foreign currency accounts at the Burundi Central Bank (BRB) since last April. Some of them and individuals receive transfer of funds via Rwandan and Congolese banks. “Following the decision of the bank of the Republic of Burundi, we created an account at (...)
' Nestor Bankumukunzi, Telecommunication Minister: “We call for people not to call back all the foreign numbers using a beeping system”.

Telecommunication ministry reassures theft victims through foreign calls

06-13-2017 Many Burundians say they have got missed calls by the following foreign numbers: +22478000546, +22478000542, +22478000556 and +5321647912 from 9 June. They say they lost all their airtime credits when they tried to call back the numbers. The ministry of telecommunication reassures the victims and says the issue is (...)
' It’s the availability of locally-produced rice that may have caused the slight price decrease of imported rice.

Import duties exoneration for foodstuffs may be profiting importers, not consumers

06-06-2017 Prices of imported food products that have been exempted from customs duties have hardly decreased. Consumers think importers are taking advantage of the tax-exemption. The Burundian Association of Consumers (ABUCO) is worried that the government measure to exonerate certain imported food products may be profiting importers who may have (...)