' Beneficiaries of the job fair receive training on how to apply for jobs through interview

Job fair for unemployed youths in Burundi

01-13-2017 Counterpart International, an NGO, has organized a two day job fair for unemployed youths in the capital of Bujumbura. About 50 youths from the capital welcomed the initiative. “I have got the opportunity to talk face to face with employers and, thanks to this job fair, I now know (...)
' Léonard Sentore: “All taxes will be collected from the internal taxes and customs revenues.”

Burundi Revenue Authority more determined than ever to collect more revenues

01-12-2017 Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) aims to collect an estimated BIF 720, 2 billion in 2017. Some factors have been taken into account to predict its success. The rental tax that will be collected by OBR (60% will be paid into communal treasury while 40% will be paid into public (...)
' Trucks overloaded with charcoal

Restrictive measures against excessive charcoal loading

01-12-2017 Police traffic say restrictive measures will be taken against charcoal dealers who overload their trucks with charcoal. The latter say they do so because traffic police ask them to pay bribes. “We meet various roadblocks set up by some civilians and the police on our way to the capital (...)
' bus town

Speculation in transportation fees following recent fuel price increase

01-10-2017 “Prices of transport have significantly increased since Sunday on 8th January. I make a round trip from Bujumbura to Muramvya every weekend to see my family as I work far from them. On Sunday evening, on my way back to Bujumbura, I paid BIF 5000 from Muramvya to Bujumbura (...)
' Coffee sector privatization spells misery to over 4 million Burundians

Coffee sector privatization spells misery to over 4 million Burundians

01-05-2017 The World Bank has forced Burundi government to privatize the coffee industry. With private managers advancing their own interests, millions of farmers continuously lose their once main source of income. Privatization of the coffee sector in Burundi continues to bring woes to farmers. The latter fear coffee production will (...)
' Burundi Transport Minister suspends measure to purchase plates for bicycle-taxi riders

Burundi Transport Minister suspends measure to purchase plates for bicycle-taxi riders

01-04-2017 “We have learned that bicycle-taxi riders complained about the measure that was taken, forcing them to purchase number plates for their bicycles. We, then, decided to suspend the disputed measure, “said Jean Bosco Ntunzwenimana Minister of Transport. He said the department in charge of controlling the transportation sector has (...)
' Few kilos of sugar found in one of the shops in Bujumbura

Officially at BIF 2200/kg, sugar price varies in shops…

01-03-2017 Pélate Niyonkuru, Commerce Minister, has announced on Monday the price increase of the Burundi sugar company’s product. “The price has changed from BIF 1900 to BIF 2200 per kg due to the rise of the sugar production cost”, he said. Before January 2017, the price of sugar varied between (...)
' Thé-à-lOTB-copie

Burundi Tea Office Internationally Certified

01-03-2017 Burundi Tea Office-OTB can now sell its products all over the world since its different factories have been certified. In a statement issued on Monday, 2 January 2017, Goreth Nimpagaritse, OTB spokesperson, said the certification they received will allow them to boost their sale at the global market. During (...)
' Primus, One of BRARUDI products.

The rise in price of Brarudi products: A necessary evil

01-02-2017 Sunday 1st January 2017, the new prices of Burundi Brewery Company- BRARUDI products have been announced on different media. Except non alcoholic drinks, others like Primus 72cl and 50cl, Amstel 65cl and 50cl, Amstel bock ,Amstel Royale and Nyongera, their prices have been increased. According to Brarudi, this has (...)
' Some participants in the workshop

Africa Startup to start assisting young entrepreneurs in Burundi

12-29-2016 The NGO will support young entrepreneurs by partnering with existing NGOs or by helping directly youth with clear business projects. The NGO Africa Startup plans to start a project of Education, Trade and Professional Training for young entrepreneurs in Burundi. It has organised, this Thursday 29 December, a workshop (...)