' Lumitel employees say they are engaged in a pacific fight to defend their working conditions

Burundi: Lumitel employees denounce unfair working conditions

08-08-2018 About 400 staff members of Vietel Burundi Cell Company known as “Lumitel” throughout the country have organized a demonstration peaceful march in the morning of 7 August to stand against harsh and unfair working conditions. All of them were wearing black shirts and T-shirts. “We would like to show (...)
' Déo Guide Rurema: “Local administrative officials must be involved in the fight against coffee fraud”

Burundi: Coffee harvest campaign to be run until August 5

07-27-2018 Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock says cherry coffee is still observed on coffee trees. He says the pulping and washing stations should continue to receive cherry coffee until August 5.”As it will not be of good quality, it will be bought at the price of (...)
' Taxis are required to have a black plastic sticker around them

Taxi users deplore arbitrary measure

07-19-2018 All cars carrying passengers in rural public transport must have a black plastic sticker which serves to distinguish taxis operating inside the country from those operating in Bujumbura city. Since 16 July, the police have seized taxis that do not have this sticker and fined their drivers with BIF (...)
' Economic experts suggest that API monitor the activities of companies which have already registered

Economic experts doubt authenticity of figures of jobs and companies announced by API

07-19-2018 Jean Prosper Niyoboke, an economic expert says there is a need to analyze the authenticity of the number of companies and jobs created as announced by Burundi investment agency-API. “We wonder if jobs and companies registered in API are potential or effective”, says that economic expert while reacting to (...)
' gabriel faustin

Burundi: CSOs concerned over new economic development program

07-04-2018 Gabriel Rufyiri, chairman of OLUCOME, the corruption watchdog says he doesn’t believe in the success of the economic development program announced by Burundi President. “It’s a program for the government not for the population”, he says. President Pierre Nkurunziza has announced in his address to the nation on the (...)
' Gianpietro de Cao: “The European Union does not take any decision. It rather accompanies government policies”

Burundi: Growing population and unclear policies hamper development of agriculture sector

06-28-2018 In a round table meeting about rural development in Burundi organized by the EU and different experts in the agriculture sector, the European Union representatives say the organization has been involved in the agricultural sector but found it difficult to develop it because of the growing population and unclear (...)
' Nestor Koffi: “This project will help Burundians to develop their economy”.

World Bank to support government project to boost Burundian economy

06-22-2018 USD 50 million is the amount that the World Bank has given to Burundi government to support the “Local Development Project for Employment-PDLE”. This money will be used in different sectors of the country’s life to boost its economy. Nestor Koffi, Country Manager for the World Bank Group in (...)
' Musaga Market would be opened as soon as possible

Burundi: Another appointment to open rehabilitated markets

06-19-2018 Ramadhan Nkurikiye, Chairman of the Commission in charge of rehabilitated markets in the capital Bujumbura says the delay of materials, the payment of guarantee fee by traders and the large number of stands are among the major causes of the delay of the opening of the six rehabilitated markets. (...)
' Déo Guide Rurema: “3,058,150 goats and sheep were vaccinated all over the country

Burundi: Import of small ruminants forbidden until further notice

06-14-2018 After a sheep and goat plague that had struck small ruminants throughout the country in December 2017, the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock has removed all measures that were taken to reduce the free movement, trade and slaughtering of those domestic animals, this 13 June. “After 21 days (...)
' Alexis Mpawenimana: “Crop rotation is one of the strategies that can help combat spodoptera frugiperda”.

Fall armyworm invasion in Burundi to be contained

06-08-2018 The invasion of the fall armyworm also known as spodoptera frugiperda was first reported in Burundi in February 2016 in Cibitoke province. This species attacks cereals such as maize, sorghum and beans that are widely consumed in Burundi. The ministry of agriculture intends to hold a sensitization campaign on (...)
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