' It’s the availability of locally-produced rice that may have caused the slight price decrease of imported rice.

Import duties exoneration for foodstuffs may be profiting importers, not consumers

06-06-2017 Prices of imported food products that have been exempted from customs duties have hardly decreased. Consumers think importers are taking advantage of the tax-exemption. The Burundian Association of Consumers (ABUCO) is worried that the government measure to exonerate certain imported food products may be profiting importers who may have (...)
' Faustin Ndikumana: “fragile states do not have access to long-term loans for dynamic internal development”

Burundi once again falls into fragile state index

06-01-2017 World Bank and African Development Bank have identified 19 states including Burundi that fall into the fragile states criteria. A fragile state is a low-income country characterized by week state capacity or legitimacy leaving citizens vulnerable to a range of shocks. The World Bank deems a country to be (...)
' Fuel shortage makes waiting for a bus look like “waiting for Godot”.

Fuel shortage: Is temporary relief over?

05-30-2017 From last week, the public sighed with relief that there were signs the fuel shortage that had rocked the nation over several weeks was to end soon. But the problem reoccurs bringing with it its nightmarish events. On Tuesday morning, many of service stations were dry, and vehicles built (...)
' Eco Cash is a mobile financial transaction service offered by the telephone operator Econet-Leo

Burundi: ICTs infrastructure left unexploited because of lack of culture

05-16-2017 Minister of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) says, despite the country having enough basic infrastructure, Burundi falls back in the use of ICTs. “We have found that Burundi has a fairly well-developed ICT infrastructure. But the observation we make, bitterly noteworthy, is that we are still deficient in terms of (...)
' Riz-1024x691

Six food products exempted from tax; consumers demand list extension

05-16-2017 On May 12, the Minister of Finance issued a Ministerial Ordinance exempting six food products from tax. Consumers and traders say these products are not enough given the economic situation in Burundi. “Cassava and cassava flour, maize and maize flour, rice and dried beans are the products exempt from (...)
' Fuel shortage makes waiting for a bus look like “waiting for Godot”.

Passengers go through terrible ordeal at bus stations following fuel shortage

05-09-2017 Scuffles, frustrations, quarrels…. are noticed at the north bus stop in Bujumbura city center. Long queues of passengers are built up at different bus stops. Pupils, civil servants, everyone rushes to go back home. But a shortage of buses is observed; they come in small numbers due to the (...)
' Many cars queuing up for fuel on one gas station in the south of the Burundian capital

Fuel shortage still unsolved, say Bujumbura residents

05-04-2017 The Minister of Energy and Mining announced yesterday that petroleum products will now be distributed only at fuel stations and in daytime from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The decision is taken after a serious lack of fuel that has been observed in the country since the last few (...)
' Long queues at Kinindo City Oil station

Fuel shortage far from being worked out in Burundi

04-27-2017 Long queues of cars, motorcycles and people who have cans, wait for hours at the few stations that are open. City oil and Kingstar stations from the southern to northern neighborhoods in the capital Bujumbura are providing fuel. “I have spent four days looking for fuel but in vain”, (...)
' Fuel shortage sparks controversy between government authorities over cause

Fuel shortage sparks controversy between government authorities over cause

04-20-2017 The Ministry of Energy and Mining says the shortage of fuel earlier his week was due to a “technical breakdown” that interrupted clearance processes within the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR), an allegation the Authority denies. From last Monday till yesterday, many of the fuel pumps around Bujumbura town were (...)
' All processed products must meet quality control standards, says BBN official

All processed products must meet quality control standards, says BBN official

04-20-2017 Flour, maize, fruits, sunflower oil, banana wine, juice, rice, coffee… are some of the agricultural products exhibited in a three-day trade fair being held in the capital Bujumbura on the occasion of the week of the agro-food promotion. Some of the products are yet to be certified by Burundi (...)