Agriculture Minister warns traders against exporting food illegally

“We would like to warn speculative traders about stealing food production in order to sell it at an exorbitant price in neighboring countries”, said Déo-Guide Rurema, Minister of Agriculture at a press conference on the production of the season crop A held on 19 February.

Déo-Guide Rurema, Minister of Agriculture “Anyone who will be caught will be punished according to the regulations in force”.

He said the ministry will set a strict monitoring system in order to fight against the illegal trade of food production. “Anyone who will be caught will be punished according to the regulations in force,” said Minister Rurema.

He requests a close collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture with the administrative authorities and agents of Burundi Revenue Authority operating on Burundi borders to fight against this trade. “Such illegal trade creates food insecurity in the country,” he mentions.

He asked farmers to keep their food production in storage sheds and work in synergy in cooperatives to avoid being manipulated by speculative traders.

The Minister of Agriculture announces that the production of crop season A is satisfactory. He, however, deplores a low production of plants not resisting heavy rains, such as beans.

He commends the efforts made by the government and farmers to achieve this abundant production. He also highlighted the help provided by technical and financial partners of the Ministry of Agriculture.
Déo-Guide Rurema calls on all farmers to prepare well for the next growing season B already underway.